IMMATERIAL – Latest Entries 5

 UWA’s IMMATERIAL show is open to all artists. Entries are due 31 July. For complete details, see our Call for Entries.

Here are the latest entries. We have had a remarkable number of entries from the Iberian Peninsula.

A brilliant photographic artist from Spain, Awesome Fallen presents “Thoughts.”

Also from Madrid, our old friend HOLALA Alter has made a particle creation titled “Huntress Diana.”

New to UWA, Barret Darkfold from Catalonia has created a very clever kinetic figure with “Abstract Dance.”

Italian artist Slatan Dryke gives us an amorphous work of shifting colors with “Diaphanous.”

We have had two machinima entries for IMMATERIAL:

Hypatia Pickens is a scholar, teacher, artist, and machinimatographer who has produced several amazing films based on Middle English texts. “The Spoils of Annwn” is based on a medieval Welsh poem and is filmed in a sim created as a 3D interpretation that visitors can actually explore.

SaveMe Oh and Glasz Decuir have collaborated on an interesting interpretation of John Cage’s minimalist composition 4’33”.   The piece seems to parallel the early 20th century Russian Suprematist artist Kazimir Malevich’s “Black Square,” which in turn suggests a blank television screen. The machinima is titled “When Malevich had a TV.

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