LEA9 — The King Kong Experience – NEW SCHEDULE

                                           Planned Events for August on LEA9 Skull Island

08/01/2016 6pm to 8pm slt.
DJ: Gunner von Phoenix will rock the island . wear any jungle, dinosaur or animal costume. prizes for best costumes . Kong will roam the island and dance at the party .

A new egg hunt for baby dinos and other prizes .

The entrance to water world found on skull island . Kong’s skull is sinking fast and it wont be long until its gone for ever. we need to move all the animals be for its too late . can you find it ? befor its to late ?

08/29/2016 6pm to 8pm slt.
We say good bye to Kong and Skull island , and hello to water world .
another live show in new york with Babypea Von Phoenix and friends and a formal ball after the show DJ: Gunner von Phoenix will rock the island again.


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