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It’s that time again – another sneak peek blog post!! 

In spirit of wanting to change the scene and unable to do so in RL quite yet, my fiance and I decided to go out and about for a walk to find us some winter!  We took along my new puppy dog as well, and away we went.  We found winter, lots of it, snow everywhere!  I am so very glad that we did because then I wouldn’t get the chance to point out my newest outfit from PerchPerch is gonna be at The Frozen Fair starting on 12-2-16 and runs until 12-16-16.  The outfit comes with pants, sweater and vest!  Each part of this outfit has a separate HUD with 4 colors for the pants, 6 colors for the sweater and 6 colors for the vest!  It comes sized for mesh bodies only: TMP, Physique, Hourglass, Lara, Venus, Isis, and Freya!  Very cute, very warm, and very customizable!  Add in your own touches and off you go to find your winter, just like I did!

Of course upon finding said snow, my wonderful fiance just HAD to start a snow ball fight with me, and so not to be outdone I picked up my snowball, but what does he wanna do?  Snap a picture of me of course – hence the added tongue as I lodged the snowball at him while he was clicking away!!

So happy he did though, because it shows off the sweater and vest very nicely!

So after a couple of hours of walking around the snow, having snow ball fights we took notice that our little puppy was getting cold and rather sleepy – I grabbed my bag ……… bag?  bag you say?  Yep, Perch also has a handbag at The Frozen Fair!!  This handbag is beautifully detailed and comes with a HUD with 6 color options —— that’s not the best part though – the handbag will be priced at 50L holiday price!  You NEED to pick up this bag for that price for sure!  As I was saying, I grabbed up my bag and the puppy and wouldn’t you know it, guess who made me stop, shivering cold, just to snap yet another picture?  THAT’S RIGHT, my silly fiance!  
Again I’m happy he did, since it shows off the whole outfit from Perch (includes the sweater, pants, and vest) and the handbag both of which you can grab at The Frozen Fair which does NOT begin until 12-2-16 and will run until 12-16-16!
Link are going to follow as normal!
Happy shopping!
Hair – Doe@Tannenbaum -Kimmie (Browns – yes it comes with the kitty hat!)
Nails – e.marie – Glitter Ombre Nails
Watch – Real Evil Industries – Kitty Watch (also comes with bracelets – not shown in pictures)
Puppy – Jian@Luxe Box – Beagle Pup (comes with companion, held, wanderer)
Outfit – Perch@The Frozen Fair – Arianne Outfit – (comes with Pants (4 HUD color options), Sweater (6 HUD color options), and Vest (6 HUD color options) – Fitted for TMP, Physique, Hourglass, Lara, Venus, Isis, and Freya)
Handbag – Perch@The Frozen Fair – Deena Bag (comes with 6 HUD color options and will be priced at 50L holiday price)
Snow Boots – ROC – Snow boots (comes with 12 HUD color options)