Love By The Lake

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Love By The Lake

Happy Thursday everyone.  Wow this week has sure gone by quick and now with today being the first day of fall for many of us, my amazing wife and I decided to take one last stroll by the lake.

The lake has always been a place for us that truly reflects our relationship together.  It is soothing, calming, and fluid, just like the love we share for each other.  There are times that the lake is turbulent and roaring, but in the end just like Tilly and I are, we always go back to the beautiful parts of what makes us who we are.

As the weather continues to fluctuate so does the style.  Many say that style is based on season in RL but not in SL. I tend to disagree as I mostly reflect my style based on RL style. So cold = cold weather closes and warm = shorts and t’s. But I do tend to sometimes dress warm in the cold and hot in the heat.

Anyways, I have rambled a bit here so let’s get to the styles.

I am sporting a military style shirt from Breathe.  I must speak now for just a moment, I have never served in the military, however many of my friends, and even family have, and to them I salute you, I applaud you, and I honor your service and thank you for protecting my rights and fighting for us.  Your service is amazing, and I am proud to always stand up and not protest against anything that my soldiers or country fight for.

Tilly is rocking out the overalls from Delirium Style.  I love a cute and sexy dress, but I love the edgy look these give to her, what can I Say I am a biased boy.  I love my wife and think no offense to any others, she is the hottest lil mint this side of the pond.

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