Manly Stuff

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Girlie stuff; manly stuff — it all depends on our likes, not our gender. I tend to gravitate to clean lines, rustic, industrial and modern. Boho sneaks into my world from time to time and of course there are plants and — well let’s call them “trinkets”.

My home and garden tastes often flow over to wearables and here is a case in point.

From Mowie @ Cosmopolitan:  “Sienna” Jumpsuit and separate belt, each with their own color change hud. With ten colors on the fits-like-a-glove jumpsuit you’ll be sure  to find a favorite — or a few.

I added two of my closet favorites, parts of the Bongo Set from Meva and Amacci’s Kayla hair. Definitely more dangerous than damsel in distress.

At Draftsman:

From NEWCHURCH:  Alpha Industrial Dining Table, Chelsea Dining Bench and Tribeca Triple Screen Panel (a single panel is also available). Walnut or Pine woods.

From BLUE SKY: “Short Fan Propeller – Black” (many styles available)

From Onedecor: blackboard_V1 (back side has no writing) part of a big brewery set

Second Spaces – Gettin’ Jiggy – puzzle

Posesby: aDORKable