More Gifts!

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Well, it’s not really a gift if you need to pay 20 lindens or 10 lindens to join groups to get them, but, anyway, I did it and got them.

Here’s where I went to the get the four outfits  shown below:

*Arcane Spellcenter

The groups are: Maitreya Gifts and Sales, Sweetblack Style, Arcane Spellcenter and  Third Life  Groups:

First outfit I am showing came from Maitreya Gifts and Sales Group:

Name of the outfit – Dress Urban out – AK Creations – from Arcane Spellcenter.

Review – we need to dance and see if parts of our body will show, and the do. No problem, we just need to hide them.

I am also wearing in all the photos of this post –

Livalle Modig High Strap Sandals Noir;  available for Slink High Feet, Belleza Venus High Feet or Maitreya High Feet. The foot mesh is not included in this package.

Dela – fitted mesh hair Thea –  dark Blondes

Just Magnetized – lipstick –  catwa appliers – Orchid set

CATWA – Head – Jessica  V 4.10 –  upgradable

Maitreya – Lara body V 3.5 – hands and feet also


Second outfit – given if you join Sweetblack Style Group, by paying a 10 lindens fee:

The outfit is called –  Colet – fits perfectly, no need to hide anything.

The bracelets I am wearing in the photo above came with another outfit –  which demo I tried – a new release –  called Break the p red.

Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

Next gift, given by Arcane Spellcenter, by the cost of 20 lindens:

Fits perfectly – no need to hide, and I danced to test – ok, the nipples, maybe, but that was all.

Bracelets not included

Slink, Physique, Hourglass and Maitreya.

Now here’s the one that I really loved, GIVEN BY THE THIRD LIFE GROUP:

Maitreya, belleza, Slink and Classic.

Name of the outfit: Clothing White and red – but I saw it more pink than red. It is form Arcane Spellcenter store.
Anyway, with this outfit we need to hide legs – upper and lower  – and pelvis, but leave the lower waist showing.
Top, pants, necklace and bracelet included.

 SKIN: from Lara’S Body and Catwa’S head.

POSES: from a friend’s sdudio. Thank you Curi!