Mr. X and Spey @ Spoonful of Sugar – Sonatta Morales

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Mr. X asked me to meet him in the Essex Public House established in 1784.  What kinda girl does he think I am to meet him in such a commonplace… a public house no less. God alone knows what kind of men lurk there… and makes me wonder why Mr. X has insisted.  I will fix him… I will meet him in a new  gown by Sonatta Morales that is available at the Spoonful of Sugar Event that runs through Sept. 25 and benefits Doctors without Borders, a worthy cause if there ever was one.

The new gown that is an exclusive at Spoonful of Sugar  is called Spey. It is a perfect example of a 1950s mermaid style gown with its long sleek silhouette to the knees that shows every curve perfectly before it flairs out with a fluted hemline at the bottom of the dress. I love the way it “fishtails” out and so does Mr. X… I got a whistle and a hug… as he whispered, “what is a girl like you doing in a place like this?”  Smiling I said, why, Mr. X…. I am meeting you!

This gown has been a staple for years for all formal occasions because of its flattering fit and glamorous look. It is in a rich plum color perfect for autumn and is embellished with sumptuous gold beading in a floral pattern down the front of the gown.

Wearing –

Gown – Spoonful of Sugar Exclusive – Spey by Sonatta Morales

Spoonful of Sugar LM –

Skin – October 4 Seasons – Alisha Pearl
Lipstick October 4 Seasons – Grape Matt