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Post #645
Post #645
[email protected] – Argyle Armlets & Socks – [email protected]
*These armlets/socks comes in a 10 color
pack of toe-less socks & matching sleeves.
An Omega HUD is also included.*
*This fishing outfit has 23 items, 5 shiny plaid pants, 2 sweaters,
5 tops w/jackets & a mesh fur coat in black.  There also is a pair
of boots & make-up.  System layers & Omega appliers included.
There is one more full week to fish for this outfit.*
*I love, love this new hair.  It comes in the standard
5 different color packs & a hair base.  The hair
base comes as a tattoo layer & Omega Applier.*

7 Deadly s[K]ins – Enya Catwa/Omega Applier – Apricot V2
*An applier that is compatible with any Omega mesh
head.  There is 8 different skintones to pick from.*
7 Deadly s[K]ins – Maitreya Skintone Applier – Apricot

WoW Skins – Mediterraneo Mesh Eyes/Catwa Eyes Applier
*Comes with mesh eyes, mesh eyes HUD & Catwa mesh
eyes applier.  6 eye colors to wear.*

RealEvil Industries – Grazia Choker & Earrings (Mesh)New Release @ N21
*Grazia comes with 6 roses, 6 velvets & 6 metals.  All on a HUD.*
RealEvil Industries – Lux Krista Earrings & Cuffs (Mesh)
*I’m wearing only the cuffs.  Comes with a
customization HUD.*
RealEvil Industries – Dark Queen Septum Ring – P5 (Mesh)
*Comes with a metal color changing HUD.*

Maxi Gossamer Jewellery – Dream Happy Fair Moon (Mesh)
*I’m wearing the short necklace.  Touch scripted to change
appearance & resize.*
Maxi Gossamer Jewellery – All Seeing Eye (Mesh)
*Wearing the right, V2 ring.  Touch to change
size & appearance.*
Maxi Gossamer Jewellery – Flutterby Heart (Mesh)
*Wearing the double, silver ring. Touch to change
the color of the wings of the ring.*

Catwa – Catya Mesh Head/Eyes – Bento Compatible Viewer Only
*Comes with a main & animations HUD.*

Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – V3.5 (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

Strawberry Singh – Catya Shape – Only @ Marketplace
*A shape specially made for the Catwa’s Catya
Mesh Head.  Brow base also included.*

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