By – Ziki Questi’s Blog. Visit StormEye for original post.

Lemonodo Oh has invited artists Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield to show a vintage artwork, StormEye, on the ground below his artist residency installment at LEA24. Absent from the grid for many years, this classic immersive environment is a delight to see once again, and has been rezzed essentially just as it was when last on display in another location. (Certain scripted things may not work well or not at all — for example the Bryn Oh umbrella dispenser at the entrance and the various cushions within the build.)

It’s essential that visitors turn on the streaming media (instructions are posted at the landing point) that brings the artwork to life: upon entering the gently undulating StormEye tube, depending on your timing, it might be a tranquil display of gently moving clouds floating through a deep blue sky, or gathering storm clouds, or violent lightning and lashing rain, or gradual clearing, all as shown here in a sequence of static images. (My partner, Kinn, was never able to get this to work, so it might be a challenge for some visitors, and in real time the images are in constant motion.)

“Douglas said yesterday StormEye is the favorite of his children,” remarked Lemonodo. “He and Desdemona have done amazing work creating responsive scripted environments over many years, which is why I invited them as guest artists to share the LEA24 region in the short time left in my LEA air grant residency — I invited them only a few weeks ago, which precluded them from presenting new work if they didn’t already have something in the making.” After you’ve weathered the storm, click on the small tornado within StormEye to teleport back down to the ground — and you’ll land on a simple if delightful surprise. (Click on the nearby spike to teleport back up.) StormEye will remain on display through the end of December.