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Post #649
Post #649
Corvus – Moody Bipolar Shirt (Fitmesh)New Release
*This is just 1 of the new shirts released.
Check out the rest of them.  Try a demo.*
Corvus – Cross Choker (Adjustable/Edit)Group Gift
*Just a simple cross choker to add to your look.
If you are a member of the group, grab your’s.*

[email protected] – Jingle Jersey Leggings (Mesh/All Colors/Patterns)[email protected] Special
*Oh what fun it is to have themed leggings.  Different
patterns all on a HUD.  Several mesh sizes included.*
*A high braided ponytail with ringlets is just so sexy.
Comes in the [email protected] color packs & 2 sizes.*

*There are gifts that are appearing under the tree at
Winter’s Hollow.  You can pick up this nail applier
there from now & until January 3rd.*

PinUp Tattoo Style – Sunshine Tattoo – New Release @ Designer Circle
*You can head on down to Designer Circle &
pick up your mesh body applier.  Comes in
3 different shades, all on a applier HUD.*

7 Deadly s[K]ins – Lexy Omega Applier – Cotton CandyNew Release
*Lexy is made for Catwa mesh heads,  but it
comes as an Omega Applier.  Can be used
on Omega compatible mesh heads.*

.kosmetik – Dimples Applier HUD
*An applier that has 5 options.*

KC Couture – Harlem Sneakers – Maitreya Fit (Mesh)
*Thes pair of sneakers comes with a HUD
to be able to customize for your look/style.*

Mandala – Sinra Rings Season 2 (Mesh)
*Touch scripted to change metals.*
Mandala – Sankara Bracelet Set (Mesh) – Black
*Touch scripted to customize.*
Mandala – Okashi Septum Ring – Silver (Mesh)Gift
*Comes in gold too.*

Catwa – Catya Mesh Head/Eyes – Bento Compatible Viewer Only
*Comes with a main & animations HUD.*

Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – V3.5 (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

Strawberry Singh – Catya Shape – Only @ Marketplace
*A shape specially made for the Catwa’s Catya
Mesh Head.  Brow base also included.*

an lar [poses] – The Sophee Series Poses – Pose #3
*Front/back of full body shot.*

Glitterati Poses – Closeup Pose Pack – Post #1
*Used for head shot.*


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Rezology Sky 134 mesh hair [w/hud color]
[CAROL G] Charm Horse –  Black Tattoo Exclusive Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms
[Z O O M] Lissa Cat Glasses The Chapter Four
EMPORIUM  Fishnets Jeans [ App Omega] @AnyBody 
:PC: Xmas Heels [w/ hud changer color]
Moccino  Pose Pack Collection ‘Carla’ #23 [ w/ 6 poses static]
RAMA  #selfie_RAMA Bethnal Green Parking RARE

#649 Wings of Love rather than Horns of Jealousy..

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, beware, my lord, of jealousy; 
It is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock,
The meat it feeds on. That cuckold lives in bliss, 
Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger: 
But O, what damnèd minutes tells he o’er 
Who dotes, yet doubts, suspects, yet strongly loves! 
Have you ever felt the stirring of Jealousy? The horns slowly coming out?
Jealousy is a sneaky bugger—a pot-stirrer who likes to aid the ego in pointing out flaws you’d rather just sweep under the rug. It serves as a reminder of all the success you don’t have, the experiences you haven’t had, the relationships you’d like to have—basically everything that makes you feel “less than.”  The idea about Jealousy and removing those horns is to appreciate “what is” rather than what “could be”. 

If you’re able to appreciate and express gratitude for the experience you are having right now—no matter how negative they may look on the surface—you’ll have a greater capacity for appreciating the positive experiences when they begin to show up. 

Maybe you don’t have the career success or relationship satisfaction of those around you, or that man-woman by your side yet, but by working through anything that is less than ideal, you are achieving something great: growth. And with growth will make room for the changes you’ve been waiting for. 

Jealousy planted one glaring misconception in my mind along time ago: it made me think that I  simply wasn’t enough. I have since realised that the hardships I was experiencing weren’t meant to point out my inadequacies, but to create an entirely new life experience that was more fulfilling and more…me. So time to put those horns away and be free of the green-eyed monster. 

Showcasing the gorgeous new works of some designers available right now, I bring to you our destinations for today: – 

Ariskea  {Australia} Apothecary cabinet (New) @ 6th Republic
Ariskea {Australia} Olive twigs (New) @ 6th Republic
Ariskea {Australia} Macrame Rug (New) @ 6th Republic
ELYSIUM – Sophia knee high boots  (Maitreya) (New) @ The Crossroads Event
Glam Affair – Mael Headdress Bronze (New) @ Collabor88
Glam Affair – Giusy – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – America (New) @ Collabor88
Glam Affair – Giusy Applier – Lipstick 01 (New) @ Collabor88
GizzA – Chantal Outfit [Tweed Brown] Top Maitreya (New) @ GizzA Creations
GizzA – Chantal Outfit [Tweed Brown] Skirt Maitreya (New) @ GizzA Creations
MINA Hair – Farah (materials) – (New) @ FaMESHed

Pose: – Bauhaus Movement – The Way You Like It 09