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Life is hard. It is by far the hardest thing we will ever do. This letter is for you, the person who wants to end it all. Whether you want to quit your job and give up on your relationship or you feel so hopeless there is no light, remember these things
You have a heart – Do you feel your heart beating? Put your hand over your heart. Feel your heart beating. It is beating for a reason. It is keeping you alive because that is what you need to be. You have some amazing purpose in this world, whether you know it or not. You are impacting people every day. When you smiled at that young mom as you left work, you made her whole day a little brighter.
You are Loved – This can be hard to feel. We have all been there when we feel as though it is us against the world. That everyone is fighting against us. In reality, there are so many people fighting for us. It may not seem like it; perhaps you just went through the worst break up and now you have no one. I promise there is still someone that loves you. Call your mom, dad, relative, anyone. There is someone out there that cares and loves you. If no one else does, I do!
There are no enemies, except yourself. – When the world seems to be fighting us, we need to take a moment and breathe. Just re focus your view. Realize that the person that is troubling you the most is you. All humans are this way; we critique ourselves in ways no one else would. So just stop. Stop telling yourself you are worthless. Stop telling yourself that you are not loved. Instead, tell yourself you are beautiful, that you are so unique.
Fall apart, but then rebuild yourself into the person you want to be. Make changes that you have been too scared to make in the past.

Do not ever give up. Life is tough, but you are tough too! 
Showcasing the amazing new works available right now from some of our awesome designers. So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today: – 
Destinations: – The Lootbox, Shiny ShabbyCosmopolitan
Glam Affair – Amira – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – America – (New) @ The Lootbox
Glam Affair – Amira Eyes Makep  for Catwa Heads – SET 7 – (New) The Lootbox
Glam Affair – Amira Lipstick  for Catwa Heads – SET 5 – (New) The Lootbox
*TUKINOWAGUMA* *TKW* Snobvia – (New) @ Shiny Shabby – Modified with Rayne Morgan Hair Strands – Instant Painted Hair Collection (02) from Deviant Art.
Asteria “Clary” [Maitreya/Belleza] Panties Lace – Black – (New) Cosmopolitan
Asteria “Clary” [Maitreya/Belleza] Bra Lace – Black – (New) Cosmopolitan

Post #671

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WoW #1 Secrets – #1 Leather & Lace Outfit (Mesh)New Release
*This outfit has a pair of skinny leather pants & 2 versions
of the lacy top. You also get mesh sizes for Maitreya, SLink,
Fitmesh & Belleza.  The included HUD allows you to change
colors of the lacy top & leather pants.  Try a demo.*
WoW Skins – Cinthia Catwa Applier – New Release @ Love Interruption
*Cinthia comes in 4 brow option colors.
You can get Cinthia until Feb. 27th.*
PinUp Tattoo & Style – Odara Tattoo  New Release @ Tw3lve
*Odara comes in 3 mesh body appliers; Maitreya, SLink &
Omega compatible bodies. The applier gives you 3
different colors; 40, 60, 80%.  Tw3lve’s February
round doesn’t end until February 28th.*

Dark Passions/Koffin Nails – Hypnotic Hearts – For XOXO Hunt
*This nail applier come sin 9 different variations of a
hypnotic type of heart.  The XOXO Hunt is more like
a game.  You only have once chance per day to win
the prize by saying XOXO in general chat.  But if
your luck has run out, you can buy the gift for only
$ 50L’s.  For game rules, CLICK HERE.  This hunt
will end on February 25th.*

Glamistry – Anthurium Heels [PF1028](Mesh)
*These heels can be colored in 3 areas
of the shoe.  Plus metal colors option
too.  All on a customization HUD.*

Doe – Sugar – Essentials Color Pack (Mesh)
*Comes with a hair & bow color changing HUD.*

QPoses – Cute Girl Poses Set – Pose Set 1-A @ Cosmopolitan Event
*This pose set has 5 different poses.  It is at
the new and current round of the Cosmopolitan
Sales Event.*

RealEvil Industries – Aqvila Bracelets (Mesh)
*Has a left/right bracelet.  Comes with
a customization HUD.*
RealEvil Industries – Dark Queen Septum Ring – P2 (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

Vista Animations – Bento Pro Hands – Female (Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD.*

Absolut Vendetta – Hydra Bento Rings (Mesh)
*Compatible with the Bento Pro Hands,
HUD included.*

Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body/Feet – V3.5 (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

Strawberry Singh – Kimberly Shape – Only @ Marketplace
*A shape specially made for Catwa’s Kimberly
Mesh head.  Brow base also included.*

Catwa – Kimberly Mesh Head/Eyes – V2.11 (Mesh)
*LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kimberly.  Not taking it off.
Comes with an animation & master HUDs &
a shape, brow shape, alpha layers, mesh eyes,
teeth in 2 sizes.  Make sure you try a demo.*


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                         Eyeshadow:      Arte – Astrid Eyeshadow       New Thanks! ❤ 
                         Lingerie:          !*PzC*! Lorelei Lingerie Appliers      New Thanks! ❤ 
                         Crown:            ~ MoonRabbit ~ Crown    ( Peak  Fashion  fair )       New Thanks! ❤ 
                         Crown:            ~MR~ThornsChoker Rigged    ( Peak  Fashion  fair )       New Thanks! ❤ 
                         Chain Head:          Head-Chain WT Gold -RYCA-      New Thanks! ❤ 
                         Pose 1:          <K&S> ~Independent~ pose 2 Pack    ( Peak  Fashion  fair ) New Thanks! ❤  

Jocelyn *Look 671*

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Las personas vienen y van. Lo importante es no abandonarse a uno mismo, no faltarse, no olvidarse… No dejar de amarse.

Dress : [[ Masoom ]]  Jocelyn dress @ Shiny Shabby
Hair : rezology Sky 196
Accesories : ERSCH – Snowdrop @ The Epiphany
MakeUp : LeLutka Appls – MK Karas Evolved by Alge’s Designs
Skin : Glam Affair – Susan Lelutka Applier – Jamaica 02 @ The Epiphany
Poses : IPoses
Photos : Asia House

Your Valentine *Look 671*

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No hay más antídoto para la sumisión que la entrega.

Decor : [Ds] Valentine Pillory v1.0 [C/M/NT] pkg

This item is designed to allow for M/f, F/m, M/m and F/f interactions without having to swap and adjust. Each pose in each menu is painstakingly adjusted for the general size of the the avatars genders.  P.lease be aware that very short or tall avatars will require adjustment due to how animations are handled in SL. There is an adjust button in all the menus to allow individual users to move themselves up/down/back/forth as needed.

The first sitter will always be given the submissive role.  It is also possible for the dominant to capture a submissive (must be wearing an active RLV relay) by clicking the Valentine Pillory and choosing their name from the pop up window.

Este elemento está diseñado para permitir las interacciones M / f, F / m, M / m y F / f sin tener que cambiar y ajustar. Cada pose de cada menú es minuciosamente ajustado para el tamaño general de los géneros de los avatares. Tenga en cuenta que avatares muy cortos o altos requieren ajustes debido a cómo se manejan las animaciones en SL. Hay un botón de ajuste en todos los menús para permitir a los usuarios individuales moverse hacia arriba / abajo / atrás / adelante según sea necesario.

Al primer usuario se le dará siempre el papel sumiso. También es posible que el dominante capture a un sumiso (debe tener activo el  RLV) haciendo clic en el Pillory de San Valentín y eligiendo su nombre en la ventana emergente.