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I was a big fan of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure books’ and read them over and over to ensure I read every possible combination of stories. Choose Your Own Adventure books were one of the biggest success stories of the 80s and 90’s.  The only time though I read these adventures though was when it was raining and I was kept indoors, or reminded that you will get a cold if you go outdoors in the rain. Didn’t they know though that when it rains you have the best adventures?

When we were young, we believed that the world was full of adventure, just waiting to be discovered. We understood our talents and what made us special.

I see kids play now, not like the freedom we used to have, or the fun we used to have, but couped inside, in yards and not allowed to roam. I worry they won’t be ready for the pressures of being a teen and prepared for the young adult years.

It’s one of the many reasons that I’m so passionate about getting kids into nature and letting them explore and pretend. There’s no better place for children to challenge themselves and build their confidence. To learn lessons, fall over, scrape a knee, get messy, and most of all, dress up and play.

Children need the freedom to explore and to push their limits, they gradually gain something much larger than the ability to climb a tree or cross a creek: they gain self-assurance that will carry them through each stage of their life.

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Destinations:– Shiny ShabbyThe Epiphany

Bauhaus Movement – Carley Necklace / GOLD – (New) @ Shiny Shabby (On Little Ballerina Girl)
22769 – Succulent 1 – (New) Shiny Shabby
22769 – Great Cactus – (New) Shiny Shabby
tram G0306 hair(L) – (New) Shiny Shabby
fame femme: Oli Cardigan – Brown – Maitreya – (New) Shiny Shabby
fame femme: Oli Summer Dress – White – Maitreya – (New) Shiny Shabby
[Black Bantam] Little Ballerina Girl 02 (RARE) – (New) The Epiphany
JIAN Splendid Spaniels 14. Blenheim – (New) The Epiphany
{BunBun} Sweet Cafe – Spilled Cookies B – (New) The Epiphany
Serenity Style -Vintage Tricycle Kids – RARE
Toiz. 2. Pinklady’s suitcase
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Teddybear
* I Love Spring * Blue Hat 
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Crayons RARE

Pose: – Sari Sari – FP Sit01 – (Bento)


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{YD}Bunnies in the rain – NEW! in event THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE

{YD}Bunnies in the rain – Little girl bunny

{YD}Bunnies in the rain – Little bunny boy

{YD}Bunnies in the rain – Happiness rains

{YD}Bunnies in the rain – Bunny Umbrella

{YD}Bunnies in the rain – Bunny One

{YD}Bunnies in the rain – Bunny Four

{YD}Bunnies in the rain – Bunny Five

{YD}Bunnies in the rain – Bunny boots

{YD}Bunnies in the rain

Post #674

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Post #674
Post #674
*I’m wearing the Belleza Venus mesh size.
Other mesh sizes included.  HUD controlled
to change colors/patterns.*
[email protected] – The Fishnet Collection 2016 – [email protected] Special
*For $ 50L’s, you can get your own collection.
There are several styles in this pack.  I’m
wearing the Fishnet Long Sleeve Top.*

Dark Passions – Dragon Witch – New Exclusive @ Darkness Chamber Fair
*There is a new round of the Darkness Chamber Fair.  It opened
on March 11th & last until April 1st.  Single packs are $ 100L’s &
the fatpack is $ 275L’s.*

WoW Skins – Sania Catwa Applier – Exclusive @ The Skin Fair ’17
*This Catwa head applier is an exclusive for the Skin Fair ’17.
Until March 26th, you can get your own copy.  There is a 
no eyebrow option too.  I’m wearing the Tan Skintone.*
WoW Skins – Mesh Body Applier – Tan Skintone

.kosmetik – Eyes Echo – New Release @ E L I T E
*This new 20 color eye HUD comes in
a Catwa & Omega HUD.  You also get
mesh eyes & their HUD.  This round
of E L I T E is open until March 22nd.*

RealEvil Industries – Jassy Boots & Gloves (Mesh) @ Whore Couture Fair 7
*The Jassy boots come in Maitreya, SLink: Physique & Hourglass,
Belleza: Venus, Isis & Freya sizes. There are 6 metals, 20 leathers
(in 13 zones) & 20 laces.  The Whore Couture Fair is open until 3/31.*
RealEvil Industries – Luxy Rings Set (Mesh)
*These rings come in 10 metals, pearls &
diamonds.  The alpha HUD let’s you show
or hide each ring.  Comes in fitmesh for
Maitreya, SLink Casual & Vista Bento Hands.*
RealEvil Industries – Mara Set (Mesh)
*This set comes in 6 leathers, laces
& metals.  The set has bracelets,
ring & choker.  Comes with HUD.*
RealEvil Industries – Dark Queen Septum Ring – P2 (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

Mandala – Stretched Ears (Mesh)
*Comes in different sizes for
hole and plug & customization
HUD.  I’m wearing Plug-hole 3.*

Belleza – Venus Mesh Body Package – Venus Full Body-V4.01 (Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD & other body sizes.*

.euphoric – Maya Lashes Catwa Applier – V2
*These lashes come in 3 volumes.*

Truth Hair – Delaney – Black/Whites Color Pack (Mesh)
*Comes with color changing HUD.*

Vista Animations – Bento Pro Hands – Female (Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD.*

Strawberry Singh – Kimberly Shape – Only @ Marketplace
*A shape specially made for Catwa’s Kimberly
Mesh head.  Brow base also included.*

Catwa – Kimberly Mesh Head/Eyes – V2.11 (Mesh)
*Comes with an animation & master HUDs &
a shape, brow shape, alpha layers, mesh eyes,
teeth in 2 sizes.  Make sure you try a demo.*

Glitterati Poses – Boobalicious Pose Pack – Pose #7