“Being on top of the world doesn’t mean anything unless you know what it’s like to be at the bottom.”

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**RE** :   Aesis Necklace.

[Hipster Style] : Sinra Tattoo @ Kinky Event

sharp by [ZD] :  Allistaire Pant with suspender @  MOM April round.

505- we’re on the right side of rock bottom

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{ aria  }

Lingerie: Lucia Lingerie – NX-Nardcotix *new
Hair: Deja /TRUTH VIP November -Truth Hair *new
Skin: Ella/Catwa – League *new
Heels/ Wishful Heels – REIGN *new
Septum/Selene Diamond – Yummy
Eyeshadow: She Chic
Eyelashes: Veechi
The Heart Nose Ring: Amala
Stacking Rings/Atara – Amala

Foggy Bottom Blues

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The weather and my mood have little connection. I have my foggy and my fine days within me; my prosperity or misfortune has little to do with the matter. Blaise Pascal     TOP:  Meva Urban Top Special White @ Shiny Shabby  (Sept 20 – Oct 15) PANTS:  Meva Urban Pants White @ Shiny Shabby  … More Foggy Bottom Blues

bottom photo left to right —> Serein, Lele,…

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bottom photo left to right —> Serein, Lele, myself

headphones half deer gacha #rainbow @ manga fair
hair elua #daria
top candydoll
shorts candydoll
pizza box ninety
kitty watch real evil industries

skin VCO Lovely Vampire gacha
lips VCO *old* popo lip with teeth
lashes VCO bambi type b
all over blush including face TWC #for pale skin
under-eye shadow kiiko
added blush angelica #winter blush
eyes buzzeri #serenity ice

randomly threw on some skates and the dorks we were, went skating for a bit listening to bonnie tyler and random 90’s music.  I enjoyed it, and loved the company of adding extra peeps to the adventure! Serein, you are awesome, and i love doing stupid stuff with you! Thank you for the good time at the bonfire as well! Turning spiked pumpkin juice into a giant egg and running into the woods nonchalantly was epic! lmao!

Lele, you’re the best dork to have around! Thanks for joining us on our adventure!

[…fading memories to the bottom of the glass]

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[...fading memories to the bottom of the glass]
The Crossroads Event
Ends: Thursday, September 29th
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Collaborate Editing/Staging by Jacky Macpherson  & Lawrence D.

Thank you for the collaboration Ms. J. Chan. You know you have my gratitude of thanks. Look forward to working more with you soon.

Ears: [Mandala] – Steking_ears_ver2

Beard: [Hipster Style] Jason Facial Hair @ The Crossroads
Tattoo: [Hipster Style] Jason Tattoo – Light Tone @ The Crossroads

Shirt: kalback -Basic T-Shirt_Skull 002  @ TMD
Jeans: kalback – Original Jeans_Dark @ MOM

Bracelet: [ kunst ] – Enzo bracelet @ TMD
Bracelet: [ kunst ] – Paolo bracelet@ TMD
Cigarette: [ kunst ] – Short Cigarette Holder (gacha) @ Kustom9
Necklace: [ kunst ] – Cross Necklace

Album: [ kunst ] – Vintage People album (gacha)
Board: floorplan. – Departure board
Carpet: [ kunst ] – Boho carpet (gacha)
Deck: [ kunst ] – Vintage tape deck (gacha)
Glass: [ kunst ] – Bourbon glass #4 (gacha)
Records: [ kunst ] – Vinyl records pile (gacha)
Record player: [ kunst ] – Vintage turntable (rare) (gacha)
Vinyls: Tartessos Arts – 212 Vinyls

Pose: RKPoses – Finn_1

Now playing: It’s Been Awhile by Staind

Apple Bottom Dawn

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Patio Set now @ This round of The Chapter four.
Started on September 4th Until September 20th.
Set includes: chairs, table and bowl of apples. Texture change for metals and seat cushions.
Chairs have many poses, both single and couple. More couple poses below.



Outfit: GHETTO STYLE Outfit Fiorela Bought @ last round of Faddish.
Compatible with Belleza, Slink & Maitreya.
Hair: DELA Fiona Hair @ Uber Event
Jewelry separate pieces from Ryca

Bliss as a bottom

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pale hedda This weekend I had the pleasure of demo bottoming for a shibari (kinbaku) class at the local dungeon. This is something I never thought I would be able to do, on account of my advancing age, my funny face and my generous stomach, not to mention my inexperience. (Where “experience” means two or three years participating in a committed heteronormative relationship with weekly painful, upside-down suspensions mimicking circus-style professional rope performances and/or high-end photographs of full-time bondage models.) It’s true that I wasn’t asked to bottom, but when I found out that the man I’d started playing with was going to teach a class, I volunteered by text and he responded with an (admittedly non-stoked-sounding) “okay.” In January at Shibaricon, I had stepped up as a last-minute bottom when he, a total stranger, needed a partner for a private class with a fabulous rigger. That was an extraordinary experience. I thought it was only fitting that we recreate it. We’d played a couple of times before we met for this week’s rehearsal. I had discovered that he is really mean and prefers to be brutal, and I am not someone who wants to be brutalized. (I had, it’s true, enjoyed grappling with him and trying to evade his assaults. The vicious hairpulling and unrelenting pressure-point-pushing were tough but … well, let’s just say that, if he ever asks, I will not hesitate to deny any interest in breast slapping and nipple twisting.) So I arrived at his place feeling like there wasn’t much hope that we’d be anything but teammates for a single class and thereafter wave to each other at munches. But then we rehearsed and my feelings changed.
pale dramaWe discovered that my top doesn’t have to thump me to be mean. He has the option of meanly keeping me in line, something I never thought I’d allow. The type of rope he was set to teach is derived from Yukimura Haruki’s style and philosophy. It’s designed to exercise close control over the bottom’s body, and yet because the techniques of capturing and tying the bottom use the bottom’s body “against” her, I got to be far more mobile than I could be in a typical partial suspension with impact play. An aspect of this style that I particularly enjoy—because I like to feel humiliated—is the top exposing the bottom’s body. The day we rehearsed, I was wearing a long skirt. My top reached out along my extended leg to slowly pull the skirt up till it covered only a few inches of my upper thigh. When I half-whined “My leg is cold,” he responded “Tough.” This made me giggle on the inside, so he wouldn’t hear me, because it was the perfect rebuff of a gratuitous complaint. When we taught the class a few days later, he gave me the option to demonstrate how fruitless it would be to struggle. That seemed lame, so I said “ummm” and then tried to escape completely. He brought me down easily. I yelped and groaned and knelt with my head to the mat to demonstrate my complete surrender. He rotated me 45 degrees so that the class could see the next part of the demo and then shocked the hell out of me when he smacked my foot to drive my leg back into the proper position. I deserved that, exactly that, as a correction to my behavior, and it was perfectly satisfying. He felt that way too. (There’s nudity under the cut. For realz.) (more…)