A family that yogas together…

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After hitting big at epiphany, my husband, my daughter and I all wanted to try out our new work out clothes.. so we popped in an old yoga tape and got down to business! 
what did we learn? 
1. a family that yogas together, gets goofy and definitely doesn’t get the job done xD
2. my ass is HUGE in comparison to this petite child!
3. dad needs to get longer shorts *giggles*

Here is a list of our Epiphany yoga gold! 

Scenery: SEUL – Yoga Session (RARE)
Our Outfits: :PARKER: x KITJA. Lexy Shorts (RARE), Top, and Socks 
His Outfit: Blank Line 
Her Hair (blonde): Olive & Fiasco (RARE) 
My Hair (brunette): Elua
Need a TP: Epiphany
Need a less laggy TP: Epiphany Mirror Sim

This song goes out to my ridiculous family 😋  (yes this is what we yoga’d too -.- ) 

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Biker Family

ED Tammy Outfit Black for Shiny Shaby
:::NOIR::: Heloise Heels exclusive for Tres Chic 
Letis Tattoo Sleeve Tattoo
[Black Bantam] Lil Puppy Chief Smoke Marketplace

tiptoes Rawr Grey Outfit
[monso] My Hair Dahyun

ED Columbia Jeans BlueJeans for MOM
ED Columbia Vest Black for MOM
[Deadwool] Patmos Boots Black
Corpo Nobody Tattoo for MOM
No Match Hair No Poem

Turlaccor Custombike Dark Knight

Localización de la foto en Missing Mile

#233 VHW – My Family Album !

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Album de familia 1

What I’m wearing


▷ ▷ Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
▷ ▷ Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fenella
▷ ▷ Outfit: !DC! Naomie Drape Dress (Mesh) – Belleza/Slink/Maitreya – w/Texture Hud – (DivahZ Couture)
▷ ▷ Footwear: -KC- Becky Heels / Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Eve, TMP – w/Color Hud – (KC Couture)


▷ ▷ Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
▷ ▷ Hair: (r)M Hair, No.48’17 – ( r e d ) Mint Main Store
▷ ▷ Outfit: !DC! Micki Jean Romper (Mesh) – Belleza/Slink/Maitreya – w/Texture Hud – (DivahZ Couture)
▷ ▷ Footwear: -KC- Debra Heels / Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Eve, TMP – w/Color Hud – (KC Couture)


HQ on my Flickr, check it out!

M’era Luna Couture New Release….HAIR! (This will benefit a family (2 children, one a toddler the other a preteen thats handicapped) that lost everything in a house fire just about a week ago.

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Available only on the Marketplace, get yours here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/169913
Our Inwold store is down until further notice (I have decided to move in RL, YAY!! 
I’ve been considering this for about 2 years and I have finally decided that it is worth doing so when the rainy spring days flood us with hail and gallons of rain I will be offline packing away! Woot!! 
Once I have finished moving and getting settled into the new digs I will have everything worked out and will know how I will be able to go in Second Life, however that wont be until the second or third month, you know how working your real life budget is… NIGHTMARE lol so anyways back to the point of hand….The M’era Luna Couture Mimic Real Life Hair Collection…Have a look at the 3 photos of hair & the current blonde HUD.

We will have a full range of hair colors available from Blonde, Brown, Black, Red, Fantasy colors and Wild colors!
M’era Luna Couture Mimic Real Life Hair Collection
This hair collection I have created to benefit some friends of mine that lost their belongings due to a house fire. The house was a total loss . They have two children, Layla who is 2 and Nicholas who is 10, Nicholas is handicapped and in a wheelchair. they lost all their clothing, toys, strollers and memories. I want to take all income from the purchases from this hair collection and present it to them to try to help them replace their children’s clothing and anything they can possible get with the money I give them from the sales of these hairs. Losing their home and belongings to a house fire is a tragedy, thankfully the family wasn’t at home at the time and no one was hurt. I’ve known this couple pretty much all my life, I went to school with, been friends with them for years. The fire happened just a couple of days ago and the insurance company wont settle up anytime soon as they are still checking out the fire site to make sure there was no ill will involved, which is understandable they always do that plus we have had several natural gas leaks all over town (like the Natural Gas Leak that cause the Explosion on Nov 16th) which if it turns out to be the result of that, that can be time consuming in the courts with the energy company and the contractors that were working on the Fiber Optic Lines.
So for this reason the M’era Luna Couture Mimic Real Life Hair Collection Was Born!
This is a good cause and reason to purchase really awesome hair with 12 amazing textures, we only offer blonde at the present time as we are making other hair color choices its just not a 5 minute process so we ask for patience, if you don’t see the hair color you wish to purchase simply notecard one of the management personnel of M’era Luna Couture and see if maybe we can get your hair color that you wish to own ready for you, if we have time we most certainly will do so as quickly as we can so that you can enjoy your new hair!
Each hair costs $ 375L 95% goes to the family and 5% goes to me for the work done to make the items to sell for them to help them recoop their loses, well as much as we can without the involvement of their insurance companies (my worry is the children) The insurance companies can take F O R E V E R to settle out such an insurance case especially when there are many possibilities in the direction of law suits…If result of a Natural Gas Leak they will be able to sue the City, The Gas/Eletric Providers AND the contractors that damaged the Gas Lines. And we all know this isn’t a hop skip and a jump for courts so this will help their children out at best with clothing replacement, toys, food and anything that the kids need.
Contact Information
MeraLunaCouture Resident is the stores CSR
Please allow anywhere between 48 to 72 hours for a response, if there is no response within that time frame please send a notecard to VioletCrush Bravin Manager
And as a last resort send a notecard to
VioletCrush Resident Owner
Thank you so very much for your support of our products and Mimic RL!

My Family ♥

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I wanted to share this amazing day with everyone. On the day of April the 8th I became official with my father and mother. It was the happiest I had felt in a while.

I wanna scream it to the world! I HAVE A FAMILY!!! ♥


[^.^Ayashi^.^] @The Liaison Collaborative

Unrigged+ Rigged Mesh Hair. Hair with Beret option. 8 colors. 16 colors for beret and RBG Hud. 

Tiptoes @ Ninety Nine

Ninety-Nine opens April 9th with a new round where you will find this new original mesh outfit 😀 Foxie & Bunny versions sold separately in 12 colors each

The Fatpack version includes a HUD with 8 exclusive colors and the ability to mix & match the shirt, overalls, and face! 

We Are Family

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We Are Family


A family is a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation. And the family I have here at FabFree is united together to bring you the best in free and inexpensive items for all of you on a budget (or if you just like good deals)! We often pass information to each other about the things we’ve seen that my be more someone else’s style than our own… (you won’t ever see me in a skirt and heels). 😃 My fellow bloggers and a few of my friends that point me in the way of sweet deals are my SL family. A guy couldn’t be more lucky!

I’ve been framed!

I’ve taken the time to frame my family (now I sound like a mobster) and honor them as they should be. I found while hunting on the Fame & Fortune Hunt 2 the Hall of Fame Family Photo Frame at unmisTakAble Weddings. The gifts on this hunt are just $ 1L each. Hopefully you have a family as big as mine to frame as well.

Being picked on for sport…

And with any family, there is always teasing back and forth. I usually come out on the short end of the stick.😣 My sporty casual look for a Sunday can both be found at the Wash Cart Sale. At the K&A Design cart, I found both the Sports Tee Shirt and Sport Pants both for just $ 10L each.

And now it is time for me to relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend. I worked way too hard doing yard work yesterday…


Carson is wearing…

Mesh Body: ADAM – Male Mesh Body
Mesh Head: Catwa – Daniel v2.13
Head Applier: Labyrinth – Tylar
Beard Applier: Nivaro – Jawline
Hair: no.match – No Cloud
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Evening
Shirt: K&A Design – Sports Tee Shirt ($ 10L @ The Wash Cart Sale)
Pants: K&A Design – Sport Pants ($ 10L @ The Wash Cart Sale)
Footwear: Vale Koer – Vasiforms with Color Change HUD (FREE group gift / 0L / free to join)

Decor: unmisTakAble Weddings – Hall of Fame Family Photo Frame (Fame & Fortune Hunt 2 $ 1L)

Pose: Le Poppycock – Stay Fly (Men’s Only Hunt 9    Free $ 0L)

Sim: Private


NeW BLoGGeR in the FaMiLy?

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New blogger in the family?

ED Kessy Outfit for Shiny Shabby
**RE** Luxury Rings Set for The Chapter Four

*TD* Bento Mesh Head
tiptoes Crazed Kitty Tank Pattern
[Maple] Starz Denim Jeans en Marketplace
Wasabi Pills Aiko Mesh Hair

-NU- Sinnerman Blazer for MOM
BeBop Jean Chino Black Grey for MOM
Tabou Lucas Watch Bullets for MOM
No Match Hair No Poem

A New Member of the Family

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 Gwen and I went to the pound today to pick up a few of the sweet souls waiting for a forever home. We have lots of room at our place so we adopted several, including this handsome guy we decided to take pictures of. Haven’t decided on a name yet, any ideas?
Collaboration post with Gwennie, check out her post here https://gwennieblog.wordpress.com/
The pose prop used is called Rescued Dog by = Fashiowl Poses =. This is a couple pose with 3 couple poses and is on sale over at Rally to Rescue March 1-20th . An event that is raising funds to help animals needing rescue. All proceeds go to this cause.
  In the pictures, I am wearing some items by :: Ahroun Designs :: which are also on sale at the Rally to Rescue. Clara Mini dress comes in fitmesh sizes for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink. It also comes with an amazing 25 texture change hud!
Matching this dress are the Betty Sneakers, also by :: Ahroun Designs ::. These shoes come in sizes for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza. Including a 20 texture hud along with 11 textures for sneaker metals. In these two items, you have soo many outfit combinations! Also at the event and in the pictures is the Dog Bone jewelry set by [ bubble ] which consists of choker and hairpins. It also has a texture change hud containing 8 color options. This is unrigged so you can adjust it to fit your avatar. These also can be found at Rally to Rescue
Before I put on the makeup, I’ll tell you about this fantastic skin, just check out those freckles! The Skin Fair 2017 opens March 11th and here’s a SNEAK PEEK at one of the fantastic skins that 7 Deadly s[K]ins has created for you! Her name is WEDNESDAY and she comes with soo many choices! Mesh head appliers based on LAQ Trinity head, but can be worn with any Omega compatible mesh head (Catwa Jessica worn here). And comes in 16 skin tones with a hud containing four versions! Plain, lightly freckled, heavily freckled and beauty marks! I have on the heavily freckled version in the apricot tone. Also making it’s debut will be a new mesh body based release. What is new?? Less shadows on the boobs and butt, softer highlights, better fit to mesh body parts such as a head, feet and hands, new nipples, new navel, overall smoother texture. Optional beauty marks, mild or heavy freckles. New applier huds each applier having four options now. No more juggling multiple applier huds. New feet and hands textures. No more cleavage option and optional neck fix. These will also be released in 15 skin tones! I am wearing this beautiful skin with the Slink hands, feet, and physique body.
I am wearing the Twitch shape by #adored. This shape comes in two sizes for Maitreya and Slink hourglass), and is based on the Catwa Catya bento mesh head. This is another item created and being sold exclusively at Rally to Rescue to help rescue needy animals.
The lipstick that I am wearing is another item that is on sale at Rally to Rescue. Erde created the Veronica lipstick to help raise funds to help rescue needy animals. This comes an appliers for Catwa containing 9 lipstick choices.
Sitting on my shoulder is another item you can pick up at the Rally to Rescue. This little guy is called Ghost Bully Pup. There is a shoulder as well as huggable version. He was created by Pretty Sexy Things
  The eye makeup that I am wearing was designed by Vengeful Threads. The Prisma lashes include appliers for Catwa and Omega with 9 texture choices. They are on sale at Chapter Four March 4-24th. The Morpheus eyeshadow is great for male and female alike and comes with system layers and appliers for Catwa and Omega as well. It contains 9 textures to choose from. It can be found at Darkness Monthly.
The eyes that I have on are by Inkheart and called Janus eyes, they come in 3 sizes for mesh and system and in several color choices. I am wearing the grey version.

The hair that I am wearing is Iron Maiden by Exile. Available in several color pack choices.
Gwen is wearing a new release by Facepalm available in the main store. It is called Lady and consists of fitmesh sizes for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and eBody. Also included is a 10 texture hud.
Body Information written by Gwennie:
Exclusive for March Alchemy
March 1st to 20th
Draping down across your shoulders in front while flowing down your back is just part of what this hair looks and feels like. It leaves a small opening in the chest area allowing just a small peek at your cleavage while maintaining class and sophistication at the same time. It comes in 2 Fitmesh sizes and has so many different color options from solids to streaks, black and white to full on color schemes. Hurry over to Alchemy March 1-20 and gets yours today.
I am wearing the October from 7 Deadly s{K}ins in Apricot with CL. This skin features with and without cleavage, Slink Hand, Feet Appliers and Tango.
All the Major Body appliers are available in store at 7 Deadly
s{K}ins for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega HEAD Appliers, Slink, TMP, Banned Lena etc….
7 Deadly s{K}ins
Mesh Body Info
I have the Maitreya Mesh body Lara, V 3.5 on which makes it easy to fix parts that unwantedly show.
HEAD and Shape:
Bento Aggie Head
Aggie Shape
Staying true to form this head allows full customizing. The features are more realistic than system offerings. The shape fits will with no needed adjustments to make other than giving you that look you wanted.
* Inkheart *
Saphire Blue
The deepest blue you will find are just the start of these eyes. As deep as the ocean itself they are simply amazing. Sizing in L, M, S, XL, for a total of 4. also for Fenisis and Omega and system. These are not to be passed by. Stop and get yours then people will stare deeply into your eyes mesmerizing them.

Family outing

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Family outing


-snifflesniff- Oh the things I do for you, Commander. He’s been so sulky recently (I wonder why. He does have the treehouse to himself) and to remedy this I decided to take him on my latest outing. Something urban was what I had in mind, but he seemed insistent on the quiet little nooks and crannies and we ended up on snowy Honeycomb. It was quite lucky that I already had on this cozy outfit or else you’d be seeing a Sheidey-cicle.


There’s been more activity recently on the Fabulously Free in SL group gift page but before you go running off I’d like to bring to your attention this wonderfully comfortable gift from BlackRose. With a few sims still in the grip of Winter (let’s face it some of those will be Wintery all year long, it is SL after all) it’s best to at least keep some warm outfits at hand. A top candidate for this is the wonderfully textured Hearts sweater dress. Long sleeved and loose fitting, this sweater dress is great to move around in and I simply adore the contrasting white heart patterns on it. Though the dress’ high turtleneck collar is guaranteed to protect your neck from cool winds, the Hearts sweater dress also features an inbuilt scarf for added warmth. The scarf itself is complimentary to the outfit (and perfect for days when you don’t want to stand around choosing accessories for yourself) with it’s darker red tones and pretty Aztec-esque prints that add a nice dash of teal to the entire outfit. Sizes included in the gift package are; five standard mesh sizes (XXS-L) and one fitted mesh size. There is also a great alpha layer included that really helps with the fitting.

The Hearts sweater dress is free with your free Fabulously Free in SL group tag; take a peek {HERE} to get the details of how to join up. If you have another group slot to fill up, do consider joining the BlackRose store group as not only is it free but they have two group gifts (one of them blogged {HERE} by Love) out now for you to collect.

Family outing (accessories)XOXO

Valentine’s Day may be over but I don’t see why I should stop wearing red or forsake anything heart shaped until next year. I’ve only just gotten into the many, many Valentines themed hunts going on across the grid at the moment, with one of them being the XOXO hunt. This hunt puts a great twist on the traditional hunting format in that you’ll need to rely on lucky and charm (but mostly just luck) to get your prize. When you arrive at participating merchants, just spot the golden heart and type in ‘xoxo’ without the quotation marks in local chat. If that ‘lurve connection’ is strong, you’ll the prize for free and if not, you’ll have 24 hours to practice your wooing and try again. If you don’t want to wait for your objects of affection, however, simply pay the vendor 50L for your prize. The hunt hud is pretty nifty for getting around fast and is available from the organizer’s office or from the Marketplace for free.

My first round of the hunt yielded some pretty great results as I managed to snag these unique booties from Bodhi. Just look at the heels on these!! How could I pass up wearing something with heart-shaped heels?! ! (-Ahem- Must remember to be professional. -coughcough-) The open toe design and luscious deep red color also work in favor of these booties as do the gold studding that adorns its body. The Bodhi heart heels are made for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh feet only.

Another prize that I picked up on the XOXO hunt trail was the Hypnotic Hearts fatpack from Koffin Nails. I’m always looking for new manicure and pedicure stores (-glances guiltily at all the nail polish bottles on her vanity-) and was pretty excited to receive this gift from Koffin Nails. Included are applier huds for Maitreya and Slink mesh hands and feet and an Omega applier hud for mesh bodies compatible with that system. On the hud are nine striking duel colored combinations to choose from. Personally, I love how glossy these nails look and the detailing of the heart shape on each one is simply amazing. The XOXO Hunt is running from the 11th to the 25th of this month so go and try your luck!

And that’s a wrap. The wind is picking up and come on Commander, let’s see if Mama Bear and the twins would like to join us for dinner.

Catch you guys later! Oh but before I leave here’s a closer look at that amazing mani and pedi set from Koffin Nails.

Koffin Nails




On Sheidey…

Skin- 7 Deadly s{K}ins Renske
Hair – Lock and Tuft Tegan (Past FLF)
Eyes –  Mesange Athena (0L/No group tag required)
Manicure – Koffin Nails Hypnotic Hearts (0L or 50L for the XOXO Hunt)
Dress – BlackRose Hearts (0L/Fabulously Free in SL group gift/No joining fee required)
Shoes – Bodhi Heart Heels (0L or 50L for the XOXO Hunt)
Socks – [email protected] Shannon
Hands – Slink Casual
Feet – Slink High

Pose: Elephante

Sim: Honeycomb


Panda family with rustic swing

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Dear reader. Wishes your nice Tuesday <3

I wanted to post as much as earlier! The Panda is coming to my blog.
TLC Home Collection released lovely panda with some position with bamboo tree in package for Cosmopolitan. Cute and lovely animal in RL too. you might thinking that panda is eating always only bamboo. but…. don’t forget.. panda is kind of bear. 😀 
and rustic design swing by Chez Moi furniture. Coming in PG and in Adult. This is first item for Cosmopolitan by Chez Moi. Cosmopolitan right now round open until February 17th.

Swing :  Rustic Swing Douceur CHEZ MOI @  Cosmopolitan
Panda : Panda adult standing  Cosmopolitan
Panda : TLC Panda Cub Sitting
Panda : Panda cub standing
Panda : TLC Panda Cub Sitting
pond : Garden Pond by Pure Country Designs @ Marketplace (in-world closed) 

Thanks for coming to my blog.