Welcome to (Kaku-Machi) Japan: Yanfes! Hunt & Event Guide | ヤンヘス ハントガイド

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Come here and go get with me
I wanna see you Wednesday
Come on, come on, come over
Take it off your shoulder
Come on and pull me over
We gotta get to work now
Sliding it off your shoulder
as we're falling over

Welcome to Japan!

Hello, everyone! Today I'm plugging the Yanfes! event and hunt that has been going on throughout the month of April. (Sorry for the late coverage; it's been a rough month IRL.) The official site is here, but since it's entirely in Japanese, I'm providing a short guide in English here!

公式日本語ガイドはこちらですが、ハントアイテムのプレビューは、お読みください。遅れて申し訳ありません。m(_ _)m

Until April 30th at the Kaku-Machi SIM, you can enjoy a fun market with freebies, a bunch of awesome photos and, best of all, a free hunt with 49 prizes, including the badass one-piece biker uniform I'm wearing above!

Scattered throughout the areas of the SIM marked on the map below are oblong pieces of bread (pan) set for sale at L$ 0. They're all the same shape and color, but their size varies wildly. Some are as small as a fingernail, and others are as big as the roof of a house! You can find 22 of them in the landing area (the school and the bridge) and 27 of them in the market area.

The hunt object (pan)

Overhead map of the hunt area (outlined in yellow X's)

So, what is "Yanfes" anyway?

It's a festival for all things yankee (yankii), which is a subculture in Japan that combines elements of American rockabilly (50s music, pompadour haircuts, leather jackets, motorcycles) with rebellion, teenage delinquency, and general badassery. You can read more about yankii culture and the etymology of the term here on Timeline.com. In Japanese pop culture, references to yankii include chain-smoking schoolgirls with bleached hair, ankle-length sailor skirts, brawls on the roof after school, and scooter races. Lots of races with seriously decked out scooters. Tofugu has a great article on the history of bosozoku, which is a culture closely associated with yankii.


Head Applier – remy&rowe :: molly wen :: Includes Catwa and Omega appliers with brow and browless options
Mesh Head – Catwa :: Lona v2.12 :: Bento
Skin Applier – remy&rowe :: 3.0 mesh body : beige : omega applier 
Mesh Body – Maitreya :: Lara 4.1 :: Includes classic and Bento hands
Hair – Alice Project :: Nora – Special :: L$ 50 for Spring Fling 2017 @ Alice Project; pack includes natural ombre and mirror ombre HUDs (five textures each)
Eyes – Le Forme :: Asian Eyes #01 :: L$ 60; mesh lenses


Skin Appliers – Essences :: KEI (M01) :: Old L'HOMME Magazine group gift (no longer available)
Mesh Head – NO!Project :: ALPHA 1.0 :: Bento
Mesh Body – #TheMeshProject :: BETA Deluxe Body(m)
Hair – [bade] :: Micha :: Old freebie (no longer available)
Eyes – Avi-Glam :: Onyx Eyes :: Includes system eyes in three sizes, mesh lenses with an HUD to control size, and Omega appliers

For previews of all of the hunt prizes that merchants are offering up, keep reading beneath the cut!


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Fantasy Faire 2017: your shorthand guide to the realms and events

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Fantasy Faire 2017: Dawn’s Promise – click any image for full size The largest fantasy-related event to take place in Second Life, Fantasy Faire brings together fantasy enthusiasts, creators, performers and designers for eleven days of commerce, special events, live music concerts with special emphasis on fund-raising for Relay for Life of Second Life. This […]

Fantasy Faire 2017: your shorthand guide to the realms and events

By Inara Pey – Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World. Visit Fantasy Faire 2017: your shorthand guide to the realms and events for original post.

Fantasy Faire 2017: Dawn’s Promise – click any image for full size The largest fantasy-related event to take place in Second Life, Fantasy Faire brings together fantasy enthusiasts, creators, performers and designers for eleven days of commerce, special events, live music concerts with special emphasis on fund-raising for Relay for Life of Second Life. This […]

Down the Rabbit Hole: A Beginner’s Guide

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When it comes to new challenges or adventures, sometimes you have to go for it all alone. Here’s my journey in a nutshell. FOXCITY gave me the narrative and I’m just running with it! FOXCITY is one of my new go to pose makers for Bento poses.  At this year’s Pose Fair, Satomi Masukami didn’t disappoint. I’m a sucker for emotional poses along with props and appropriate backdrops. After all, I’m telling a story.

I whisper things, the city sings 'em back to youWhat inspires you? If you haven’t thought of anything, think about it. My inspiration in RL and SL comes from what grabs my interest and many times it comes from the web.

Foxcity Night OwlIf you are inspired, are you alone in your quest? That’s okay. You’re not really alone.

Green LightOther like minded people are right there with you. I’m right there with you. We just have distance in the way. Close your eyes and prepare for your trip down the rabbit hole.

Down the rabbit holeLiquid courage is acceptable, but don’t depend on it. The buzz wears off ya know?

See you on the other side.  😉

Outfit: PurpleMoon Creations Gymtastic Suit @ On9 
Shoes: Ch’s Clara heels @ Swank
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Sienna” Dark Browns (Materials)
Jewelry: Meva Bento Maitreya Ring Annulary left Silver @ Cosmopolitan
Body Parts: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V4.0 and Lelutka Simone Bento
Poses: FOXCITY. Night Owl- 1, 3, 5, and 6 (comes with props) @ Pose Fair
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Down The Rabbit Hole  @ Pose Fair

Listening to

All the lights will guide the way ♫

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Hair: Magika– Secret 
BodyMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
HeadCATWA – Catya Bento 
Skin/Applier HeadGlam Affair– Alba Catwa 
Eyes.ID. – Luna 
NecklaceKibitz – Grace @Kustom9
DressCandyDoll – Inna  @FaMESHed
RingsMandala – Sinra
ShoesEssenz – Colambia 

@Whore Couture Fair


Let Your Heart Guide You

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I made my first blog post in a couple of weeks yesterday and I found it a nice diversion, so to that end, here is another one…..

Sl has been my saviour this week. I have found myself bereft and lonely in my rl. When suddenly someone you love is no longer there, the house feels so empty and everything feels kind of surreal. Like you are awake but walking around in a dream like state. And, while I have been busy trying to make practical arrangements and dealing with the awful red tape issues we have to deal with in England when someone passes (which is another story I will spare you from!), I have found myself with not a lot else to do. I was sure I would need a long break from my blog and sl in general, but honestly, it has helped me. I’ve been able to log on and chat to some friends, and I have found it a comfort to do so.

I would like to thank everyone who has sent their best wishes to me, and those of you who have taken the time to chat with me. You truly have helped and I have drawn a great deal of comfort from it. Thank you.


Lets get to the good stuff….

The pose/prop today is one of four poses exclusively released for this round of the Liaison Collaborative Event by Luane Meo of LW Poses. This one is called ‘Let Your Heart Lead You’ . The prose includes the silver wings I am sitting on and the metallic roses in my hands. There is a mirror pose also included.

My dress is from Anouk Haiku of Les Encantades, one of my oldest and dearest friends in sl. This dress is Sonya in Ruby and you can find it now at the We ❤ Roleplay event. It comes in a plethora of sizes and will fit both mesh and classic bodies, also a range of colours.

My hair is the latest offering from Nita Bracken of Tameless. This style is called Dane and it comes in a whole host of different colours. This cute short undercut style is available now at the latest round of Hairology which opens today.

My shoes are a mainstore release from Glamistry. These are the Lilium heels. They come in fits for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya and there are several colours available.

My beautifully awesome eye makeup is from Vengeful Threads, its the offering at The Makeover Room. This lovely makeup is the Mariposa Eye Makeup and it comes in both Omega and Catwa appliers, and tattoo layers for classic heads. There are five colours available.

The cute necklace is from !IT! Indulge Tempatation and is available at this round of Swank Events. There are 6 different colour huds to choose, I’m wearing from Hud no 6. Each hud allows you to change the colour and all aspects of the necklace and resize as required.

My new skin is from Atelier Pepe and I picked this up from this round of Uber. This is Carol in spring tone Catwa applier, it comes in a brow and non brow version. If you visit the mainstore you can also pick up appliers for mesh bodies and the vista hands. I’m wearing the no brow version.

Thats it for today enjoy the shopping, all links below, and have a fabulous weekend…..

Pose/Prop – LW Poses – Let Your Heart Lead You for The Liaison Collaborative 7th – 28th February

Dress – Les Encantades – Sonya Ruby for We ❤ Roleplay from 5th February

Hair – Tameless – Dane Black for Hairology 10th – 28th February

Shoes – Glamistry – Lilium Heels

Necklace – !IT! Indulge Temptation – Sweet Hearts Necklace for Swank Events 7th – 28th February

Eye Makeup – Vengeful Threads – Mariposa Eye Makeup for the Makeover Room 1st – 26th February

Skin – Atelier Pepe – Carol – Spring for Uber until 23rd February

My body & bits
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with feet)
Hands – Vista – Bento Prohands V.1Final
Head – Catwa – Catya V2.08
Eyes – Catwa – Mesh Eyes V1.0

Pictures taken on location at Luanes Magical World

CADERU Valentine 2017 Market & Hunt ~ Advanced Guide

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Happy February, everyone! If you're single, like me, this month is kind of a bummer in RL, but Second Life has you covered! The CADERU SIM is hosting a market and game from February 1st to March 3rd, which you can read more about on my Offbeatevents post or the official SIM site
Below I'm showing just a few of the 20 awesome prizes you can pick up in the game. Keep reading below the cut for a comprehensive guide to the game!
If you want to avoid spoilers at all cost, here are the basics:
  • In the market area, there are two pairs of double doors that lead to the hunt area. Teleport through either pair.
  • There are two game HUDs. One is for catching floating hearts in the courtyard, and the other is for collecting stamps in the forest. To get the first HUD, talk to Cupid and click the sign behind her.
  • You need to collect 100 hearts in the courtyard. Once you've collected all of the hearts, you'll need to proceed to the forest.
  • Click on the copper mug to get the second HUD. You need to find 20 heart-shaped objects in the forest. Each one will give you a stamp that corresponds to one of the 20 merchants. You can redeem those stamps for prizes by clicking on the prize claim sign at each booth back at the market.
Happy Hunting!

Check out the full resolution image on my Flickr.


Head & Skin Applier – ARATA :: SKIN 07 for Catya+Lara (TONE 1) :: Includes Catwa face applier, three eyebrow colors, no-brow option, and Maitreya body applier
Mesh Head – Catwa :: Catya v2.08 :: Bento; includes animation HUD and master HUD
Mesh Body – Maitreya :: Lara 3.5
Hair – [Mello] :: Lunar Phase – Black Magic :: Midnight Mania prize (no group needed); includes versions with and without horns; includes color change HUDs for hair and horns
Eyes – The Sugar Garden :: Vanity Eyes v2 – Black Heart :: Group gift (L$ 250 join fee); includes system layers and mesh lenses; includes two versions in two styles (black and black heart) 
Puffy Eye Makeup – hsh :: weep for xxx Makeup :: Group gift (L$ 100 join fee); Catwa applier only
Nails – [peche] :: CADERU ValentineNail Hunt :: CADERU Valentine Hunt prize; includes Maitreya and Slink appliers


Sweater – [peche] :: [Caderu] Pink Sweater Maitreya :: CADERU Valentine Hunt prize; includes standard sizing; one FitMesh size, and Maitreya and Slink versions
Eyepatch, Mask, & Necklace – OLQINU :: My Bloody Valentine :: CADERU Valentine Hunt prize
Earrings – c*C*c :: Heartpiace :: CADERU Valentine Hunt prize
Pose – Poseidon :: Harley 15 :: L$ 50; includes pose, poseball, and baseball bat


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