i hate the taste but i take a sip.

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I'm all fucked up  And honestly, it's been killing me  Honestly, it's been killing me tonight  I don't wanna call  I'm calling you cause I'm drunk tonight  Pick up the phone or I'll call a million times  Why do I try  When I know you're out there  Sleeping with someone else?  When will I learn  That love is just not fair?  And I can't control myself  I want you  Ooh, I want you babe  I want you  Ooh, I want you babe  There's only heights  High enough for the both of us  High enough to forget I'm still in love  And this cheap champagne  I hate the taste, but I take a sip  Celebrate in the way you fucked me up  Why do I try  When I know you're out there  Sleeping with someone else?  When will I learn  That love is just not fair?  And I can't control myself  I want you  Oh no  Don't know why I want you when I know you're the wrong thing  Don't go  You're the only thing that makes me feel something  Oh no  Don't know why I want you when I know you're the wrong thing  Don't go  You're the only thing that makes me feel something  And I want you


In Scene ~ Featuring – Soy + Toro. Neon Night Apartment NEW! Available @ Kustom9

Soy + Toro. Torovision TV
Soy + Toro. water bamboo
Soy + Toro. cola set
Soy + Toro.unwashed dishes
Soy + Toro. mini kitchen sink
Soy + Toro. Neon Night Apartment Skybox RARE
Soy + Toro. Old Foldable Table
Soy + Toro. Half-eaten Khao Phat
Soy + Toro. Unplugged Fan
Soy + Toro. neon sign chinese restrant
Soy + Toro. neon sign karaoke
Soy + Toro. Hanged Calendars and etc.
Soy + Toro. potted butterfly palm

floorplan. neon fuck me NEW! @ Kustom9

What I’m wearing: 

SkinEssences – Lisa Medium01 [OMEGA & Bento Catwa Appliers] NEW! @ Shiny Shabby 
Jacket..S..: OffShoulder Denim Jacket – Dark NEW! @ N21
Body Suit..S..: Supreem Bodysuit – Black NEW! @ N21
Hair – Moon. Hair. // 3WW w/o Nerdier NEW! @ Kustom 9
Cigarette [NikotiN] Classic Cigarette – Nextgen (Hand/Pack)

Pose – Le Poppycock-The shape of things

Adverts for featured NEW Items

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SLTB 2248: “FEATURING – Muilt Designers” ~ Don’t Hate ~ @ !Level Up!

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Event:  !Level Up!
Dates: March 16th – March 29th
Bi-Weekly Event
Round: 2

Hair Style

Store: [^.^Ayashi^.^]
Name: Akari
Label: Avatar Accessories
Kind:  Hair
Style: Two Ponys on the Side with Hair Bow
Type: Short Hair
Colors: Hud
MAINSTORE:  [^.^Ayashi^.^]



Store: Opulence
Name: Cassie
Label: Avatar Components
Kind:  Cosmetic Enhancments
Style: Make-up
Type: Lip Stick







Store: StormCrow
Name: Xena
Label: Apparel
Kind:  Women’s Clothes
Type: Short Dress
Style: Laced up the sides to the hip

Colors: Hud

MAINSTORE: StormCrow Design

Foot Wear

Vendor: Shoegasm
Name: Gwen
Label: Apparel
Kind: Women’s Shoes
Type: Boots
Style: Thigh High
Color: Hud

Tonic Fine
Tonic Curvy


Vendor: Salacity
Name: Pouf
Label:  Animation
Kind:  Posing Prop
Style: Single
Number of Poses:  14
In Picture:  Oops  and
For: Female

Red Velvet with gold-overlaid wood
 Blue Velvet with Mahogany
*Plus a hud to show and hide the Pouf
MAINSTORE: Salacity 


EVENT:  !Level Up!


Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King, Jr.     OUTFIT:  {Cute Boheme} Cel Maitreya Black [SP] @ Darkness Event (Mar 5 – Mar 31) SHOES:  fame femme: Heels Laces – Black – Maitreya @ The Liaison Collaborative (Mar … More Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate

“All guys hate the words ‘don’t’ and ‘stop’, unless they´re put together .” :P

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Letis Tattoo @  Signature Event 

Modular tattoos for the Signature body. You can make multiple combinations giving a new and original look to the tattoo !

This is just a small combination:

1 .- Letis Tattoo :: Anitelu :: SS17001 ::
2 .- Letis Tattoo :: Hoku :: H17001 ::

IMPORTANT modular tattoo.png

Hate me today, hate me tomorrow.

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In a sick way I want to thank youFor holding my head up late at nightWhile I was busy waging wars on myself,You were trying to stop the fightYou never doubted my warped opinionsOn things like suicidal hateYou made me compliment myselfWhen it was way too hard to takeSo I’ll drive so fucking far awayThat I never cross your mindAnd do whatever it takes in your heartTo leave me behind
Hate me todayHate me tomorrowHate me for all the things I didn’t do for you
Hate me in waysYeah, ways hard to swallowHate me so you can finally see what’s good for you
This post featuresWicca’s Wardrobeand.:AS:.with some other randomness thrown in!
First, Wicca’s Wardrobe. This dress is so cute, I love love love it!!! It is called Melanie and is Wicca’s submission for this round ofOn9. There are several options available for this one but I chose the Darkness version..trust me it was hard lol I may have to shove some in other posts just to show them all!!! The dress is 100% original mesh and mesh body compatible. On9 is running untilFebruary 28th,2017.

Next, .:AS:. forPretty Things Showroom!
The Pretty Things Showroom event just started so you have untilMarch 6th, 2017. That gives you plenty of time to run down and grab this one for yourself.
I want to show several views of this tattoo so you can see it all from the different sides.

This is a back view so you can see the tattoo that is on the back of the head as well.

A view of the arms

Front view
Now time for the rest of the details!
My body is the Maitreya
My hands the Vista Pro Bento Hands
My nipple covers are from [email protected]
My hair is from .Shi
My shoes are from Glamistry
My ripped stockings are from AviCandy
The pose is from DeePosed
My rings are from [*K*] Boho Rings Collection for Vista Bento Hands
My head is the Catwa Catya Bento mesh head
My skin is Glam Affair
My eyes are the Catwa animated mesh eyes
My eyelashes are from Euphoric
The pictures are mine that I made a prim for
The location is at my place that I decorate per picture
The camera is a gacha from AF(Apple Fall)  Vintage Portable Camera

Hate That I Love You…Featuring Swank with Xen Hats & Apparel, Moondance Boutique, You Got The Look, Keresma, TM Creations

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There are lots of different kinds of love in this world. 
There is romantic love…where you will be intimate with 
There is family kinda love, where you want what’s best
for them always. 
There is frienship love, where they can feel like family. 
Then there are 50 shades of grey inbetween. 
Most kinds of love are non sexual..
where you care about someone but could never be with them.
Lots of people misconstrue the two
and think they wanna be with someone
or feel sexual tention for someone that it is not reciprocated.
Whatever kind of love you find yourself in..
love with all your heart!
No regrets!

Charlie Bowler hat in Sangria by Xen Hats & Apparel at Swank
Wind hair by Truth 
Black Widow eyeshadow by Nar Mattaru
Kiss mark by no.7 
(store is temporarily closed)
Lips in red by Death Row (lucky chairs)
Pastel Passion Jewelry by Moondance Boutique at Swank
Valentine red hearts nails for slink by You Got The Look by Darla at Swank
Also includes Belleza and Maitreya
Hearts Lace Valentine Dress in Red by Keresma at Swank
I love you words with rose petals (Gift) by TM Creations at Swank
Cher high heels for slink by R.icielli
Vip October group gift pose with heart by andika poses
Hate That I Love You


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TATTOO; DAPPA – Future Tattoo:(exclusive)Swagbag

HAIR:no.match_ ~ NO_ACTION ~


– SwagBag

» EXCLUSIVE «CS_Corner 01
                            CS_Corner 03
                           CS_Corner 05
How to get the swag? Easy




SHORTS -KHOI + REP – Boxing Shorts “Maitreya, Gray”



TATOO-Nomadic Owl – Black [CAROL G] –

WATER BODY -::Nanika::. HUD Drops of water (mesh Body Applier)

High off of love drunk from my hate

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Dear SL…

Just another quick post, It is all i seem to have time for at the moment. I hope you all have an amazing christmas and focus on what matters..Family and friends. <3

Blog look #205

Hair: [taketomi] – Seira
Eyes: [Buzz] – Chromatic Eyes – Amber

Mesh Head: CATWA – HEAD


Jacket/Top: Blueberry – Minnie – Winter Coats
Jeans: .:villena:. – Distressed Skinny Jeans – Black

Nose Ring: .ARISE. – Nose Ring – Gold
Nose Stud: Amala – The Lover Nose Stud
Ear Muffs: Blues. – Francine (earmuffs) – ( Comes with the Francine hair)
Necklaces: Amala – The Hallows Choker – Gold
PHEDORA – Mina Necklace Black – gold – Winter Solstice
Phone: REIGN. – Coven Phone Collection – Weirdos – (Gacha)
Mouthie: [Fetch] – Earbud Moufie
Shoes: REIGN. – Amelia Fringed Booties – @N21

Pose: [L.] – Selfie Buddies – 1
Plants: Soy. – Potted Pothos
Chair: Soy. – Velvet Lounge Chair w/ tex change
Pictures: -tres blah- – Eclectic Collection – Trio – (Gacha) – (Past event item)
Glass/Wine: -tres blah- – Hodgepodge – Wine Duet – (Gacha) – (Past event item)
Neon Sign: The Horror! – Grrl Club – Girl Gang Sign – (Gacha) – @Arcade
Background: MINIMAL – Instagram Background *3* – BLACK – (Gacha) – @Chapter4 

I feel like this is the kinda photo i would have in real life if i was out with my brother Maxy in a club.

It feels so fun and the whole thing has me inspired.

The Winter Solstice event closes today!!!

I will leave details and maps here for more details and i will also be showing more items from this event. Go check it out, It runs from the 9th of Dec until the 19th. TAXI HERE.
Please also note that: To create as lag-free an experience as possible for everyone we have a complexity limit of 75,000.

For more information check out this website: HERE.

Shop, Shop and more shopping… Go go go. If there was any better excuse than the Christmas holidays than i haven’t heard of one. So i will leave you to it.

Music of the moment: Old song that happen to come on while writting this.
Love The Way You Lie – Eminem
Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX