Sunset on the Horizon

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Information can be found HERE


Eyes: [GA.EG] Eyeshadows – Mystic @ {Ultra Event}

Lipstick: {.::Dear Prudence::.} Lipstick Fashion Set

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: {Truth VIP}– February Char Dark Brown

Dress: *Eska* Boho Dress Turquise @ {InspirationalSL}

Shoes: {TETRA} – Sophia Heels @ {Shoetopia} starting March 25th

Bracelet and Earrings: Beloved Jewelry : Dahlia Set @ {InspirationalSL}

Pose: {+Kiss Me Poses+} ((Bento)) Erotic 4

Picture taken: {Luanes Magical World}

Fantasy Faire 2017: The Fairelands on the Horizon & Filling the Cauldron

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THE event of the year, since years in Second Life for me is:  The Fantasy Faire. And I am thrilled, excited ánd very proud that the FF 2017 organisation again asked me to contribute on the official Fantasy Faire website/blog as guest author and as photographer.

The Fantasy Faire 2017 will span 15 sims and I am already sure they all will be amazing, the Fairelands open to the public 20-30 April and it is an offical SL RFL event. One of the biggest in Second Life.

Merchants can apply already and blogger application will open soon, for more information on that,  please check the offical Fantasy Faire website!


On a side note, there is this.

One of the veteran Fantasy Faire sim designers for years is Elicio Ember, known from his home Cerridwen Cauldron and his awesome sims for past Fantasy Faires.
This year he had to pull out from the Faire, for personal – tragic – reasons, his father got seriously ill and in the country he lives (Mexico) , treatment is possible but at a high cost.
Due to circumstances, all explained on this website Filling the Cauldron, Elicio cannot be a part of his beloved Faire as he is facing not only caring for his father but also a lot of medical costs.


The Fantasy Faire community and lovers of Cerridwen’s Cauldron have stepped up, and while Elicio will not be able to participate in this years Faire, the Second Life community can participate by helping him out.




RUNNING FROM SATURDAY APRIL 1ST THROUGH SUNDAY APRIL 9TH, Filling the Cauldron will be a region-wide event at Holly Kai Park  – by Inara Pey and Caitlin Pey (caitlyn015.resident) in the beautiful Blake sea, and will be featuring:

–   Live music and DJ performances at the park’s main events venue
–   An art display inspired by Elicio’s work
–   An auction
–   A special Design a Garden contest with a very special prize
–   A photo contest with special prizes
–   A market area, Cerridwen’s Corner – a mini-store of Elicio’s creations, allowing you to buy his items & visit his main store.

Filling the Cauldron. Check it out.

See you at the Fantasy Faire!

__•[ Horizon ]•__

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Sweater: Vero Modero –  Ross Duo Sweater Set Pink [new]
Short: ROC  Short Jeans (HUD!) [new]
(Mesh Body Compatible)
Hair: Rezology – Butterfly 069 (HUD!) [new]
 Boots: KC – Jora Boots (HUD!) [new]
(Mesh Body Compatible)
Accesories: Supernatural – Horizon Bracelet and Necklace Set Silver 

Horizon land auctions: the half-way point

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On Tuesday, November 15th 2016, the Lab launched the Premium members’ Horizon community, a “retro-futuristic” mainland environment featuring 36 residential regions each with 24 parcels available for auction to Premium members, with auctions commencing on Friday, November 18th 2016, with parcels being auctioned in batches of (generally) 10. Obviously with 864 parcels to auction, it […]

__•[ New Horizon ]•__

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Skirt: ROC – Leather Skirt (HUD!) [new]  
(Mesh Body Compatible)
Top: Petite Mort – Amethyst Fringe Bikini top [new]  
(Mesh Body Compatible)
Boots: ROC – Lace Up High Boots (HUD!) [new]  
(Mesh Body Compatible)
Handbag: Petite Mort – Burgandy Vintage tapestry handbag 
Hair: Rezology – Super Dreamy (HUD!) [new]


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Bustier: WAYNE / Magissa Leather Bustier / Navy (Maitreya) New
Jeans: BlackRose BF Jeans Blue  New
Pose: *Eternal Dream* Edita 02

. Horizon .

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• Body Part •

Skin // Lara Hurley-Pearl natural milky
Mesh Body // Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body
Mesh Hands // Slink Hands

• Outfit •

Hair // little bones. Mishi Collabor88
Top // [Cynful] Pucker Top #1 [com]  
Pants // ISON – moto jogger Collabor88
Shoes // [VALE KOER] CLINGY HEELS Collabor88

60 new Horizon regions added north of the Zindra adult continent in Second Life

By Daniel Voyager – Daniel Voyager’s Blog. Visit 60 new Horizon regions added north of the Zindra adult continent in Second Life for original post.


According to the latest regions report 60 new Horizon regions have been added north of the Zindra adult continent in Second Life. It looks like the new Linden Project is starting to take shape and it’s worth pointing out that these new regions are all rated as Mature.

In the land description it’s apparently a sci-fi retro themed adult continent on the mainland that has community regions, information hubs and special experience regions where you can win prizes.

The new Horizon continent will be opening to the public most likely before the end of the month. Here is a sneak preview of the new Horizons regions from Shell Beach.🙂


If you can’t wait then teleport nearby and zoom in at full draw distance. There are many different areas including caves, forests, hubs and home areas. There is so much more to see from what I can tell.

I will look forward to sharing my thoughts and snapshots when it opens officially to the public very soon.

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Spyralle @ Witches Wear Prada Event- Horizon Necklace & Earrings

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The time has finally come and SPYRALLE offers an exciting exclusive design for the Witches Wear Prada Event! “‘Horizon’ is a new jewelry design series created for Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal. Half disks of gold or silver are enameled in vibrant patterns, accented with polished glass beads and connected with braided cords of heavy silk.” The textures are 100% original and 100% original mesh. This set looks great coming and going as is designed to be worn with low necklines and also low backs. Perfect for adorning that daring dress you have been holding onto! The Horizon Set comes in three texture choices, with red being the featured choice for the Witches Wear Prada Event. The set is copy, modifiable, and unrigged. The event runs from November 13th until November 27th. Who says witches are horrid looking when you can be stunning in SPYRALLE! Take good care- Xio

SPYRALLE- Horizon Set- Featured Texture- Red
SPYRALLE – Horizon Set- Close Up Detail- Red
SPYRALLE – Horizon Set- Close Up Detail Of Back – Red
SPYRALLE – Horizon Set- Close Up Detail- Black
SPYRALLE – Horizon Set- Close Up Detail- Purple


Necklace & Earrings-  Horizon – SPYRALLE @ Witches Wear Prada Event NEW

Hair- Lab.038- booN @ Hairology NEW

Nails- Stiletto Nails Elegant- FORMANAILS

Gown- Kattya Plunger Gown- Shey

Ring- Minimal- CLOCKHAUS