FashionNatic Rega Female Outfit JUMO Hair Alessandra and Boutique 187 Magic Stone Necklace @ Cosmopolitan

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Here new great creations from our sponsors!
Sabrymoon is wearing the charming “Rega” by FashionNatic, a beautiful outfit which includes the short dress, the bag and the high heels shoes! In the pic you can see the fantastic “Magic Stone Necklace” by Boutique 187, the exclusive item created for Cosmopolitan event!!! The enchanting hairstyle “Alessandra” is the latest release by JUMO Hair, available in many different shades!!
Outfit: FashionNaticRega Female Outfit
Rigged Dress for Slink Physique + Maitreya + Hourglass + Belleza (Isis, Freya) with the use of alpha hud.
Rigged Heels for Slink + Maitreya + Belleza (Isis, Freya) with the use of alpha hud.
(No for Standar sizes)
Mesh Bag (Resize script)
Hud to choose 20 colors for the Dress, Heels, Bag
(NOT Standard sizes – NOT Venus)
Necklace: Boutique 187 –  Magic Stone Necklace (@ Cosmopolitan)
Exclusive – Silver, Gold or Black Metal – HUD: 12 Stone Color

Hair: JUMO HairAlessandra hair
many colors packs available

Cosmopolitan – Feb 27th – Mar 11th

FashionNatic Mainstore
FashionNatic Facebook
JUMO Fashion Mainstore

Mr. X and Ch @ Swank plus Heart Homes Margarita Machine and new Jumo

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I told Mr. X that it must be 5 p.m. somewhere and in SL — that depends where in the world you are literally I suppose!  I have waited a bit to showcase the new splendid Margarita and Smoothie maker by Aphrodite @ Heart Homes… I think it is my fav thing yet (love that ouiji board though!).  And, I also love this flirty new dress @ Swank called Aspen by Ch’s not to mention the sexy new hair by Jumo called Gisele that is perfect for this boho like look

Aphrodite @ Heart Homes  has made  a great addition for any home or beach party in SL — a Margarita Machine… and believe me, it is fun!  Press a button and the drink starts to be made before your very eyes!!!!!! You have a choice of whether to make Smoothies or Margarita’s.  If it is before 5 Mr. X suggests the banana smoothie… after 5 definitely the chocolate margarita!  You can attach the drink after it is made and when finished with it, the drink disappears like magic.  There is even a “cleanup” option that ensures you  don’t leave drinks laying around melting in the SL sun!

A Margarita is a cocktail that is made from triple sec, tequila, and lime…the story goes that it was invented in 1938 by Carlos “Danny” Herrera at his restaurant Rancho La Gloria, located between Tijuana and Rosarito Mexico… and that it was created for a former Ziegfeld dancer – Marjorie King.  Another story has this iconic drink created in 1941 @ Hussong’s Cafe in Mexico for Margarita Henkel and yet another  claims the Margarita was first mixed in Juarez, Mexico @ Tommy’s Place in 1942.   Yanks think Dallas socialite, Margarita Sames invented it in 1948 when she made it for her friends in Acapulco and Tommy Hilton brought it back to his chain hotels.  Yes, a long history!

This Lace shift like dress is so light and breezy. I love the lace overlay and the lace around the hemline and sleeves that add a touch of feminine allure.  Aspen comes with a massive color changing hud that allows you to change the colors of this dress at the click of a button… the blues and pinks offered are really pretty, the yellows and greens are bright… and the orange red reminds me of a tropical sunset!  I love this dress with the new hair by Jumo which also offers a massive color changing hud for hair that is straight colors, with roots and even an ombre option.

Dress – Aspen by Ch’s – Swank Exclusive

Hair – *new*  Jumo – Gisele – Blonde Roots

Margarita Machine – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

Chairs – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – Posiden Fishing chairs (Contains 6 single sits, 2 fishing and 2 other activities, supported by 5 props! including fishing!)

Massage Table – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – Thai Couple Massage Table (2 prims – – 20 couple cuddles – 6 beauty Treatments like Thalassotherapy, Chocolade Treatment or hot jade stones.. – 50 couple massage animationd 
-16 resting/laying couple animations)

Lanterns – Hades Lamp in 4 Sizes – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

JUMO Fashion Colette Gown and Rezology Newsea j219 hair

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New beautiful releases from JUMO Fashion and Rezology!
Sabrymoon is wearing the charming “Colette” by JUMO, inspired by the Parisian homonym store, one of the most modern and fashionable shops on the planet,
conceptual and luxurious for modern women! The hairstyle “Newsea j219” by Rezology is really amazing and it is the right touch for a fantastic style!!!
Dress: .:JUMO:. Fashion and BeautyColette Gown
comes with a HUD 10 smooth colors + 20 printed textures.
Earrings and clutch included.

Hair: Rezology Newsea j219
Bento Rigged mesh hair

Mr. X and Bo Peep – *New* Sascha’s Designs and Jumo Hair

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When I think of a sweater dress I think of cozy and sexy at the same time… Mr. X loves the soft texture of cashmere under his fingertips…so when I saw Bo Peep by Sascha’s Designs, a gorgeous sweater dress, I knew I had to have it.

Bo Peep has finely textured cables in the sweater and comes with  a peek a boo midriff crop top and a straight A-Line skirt.  Bo Peep is made for classic bodies in 5 sizes and comes with alphas. I was able to tweak my Maitreya Mesh body to wear this chic classic design perfectly.

Bo Peep comes in six pastel colors from white, pink and beige to blue, mauve and grey.  I love the fact that is comes with a color changing hud for the scarf.  Although I love all the colors this dress comes in, I was in a white mood today and mixed it with the beige scarf which is really more of a nice warm cream color.

Mr. X has invited me to his new chalet high in the mountains where the air is scented with pine and your breath crystalizes on the cold winter air….up here the stars seem brighter on the dark black winter sky… we are waiting for the Northern Lights to guide us home….that resplendent light show — mother nature’s fireworks…

Outfit -Wearing – Bo Peep – Sascha’s Designs

Hair -Jumo – Whitney – Blonde

Mr. X and Colette – *NEW* Jumo

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Pick up the phone Mr. X and say something sweet to me… I am waiting… for you at a beautiful ballroom with my dancing shoes on! Please please tell me that you will join me !!  I am in the dancing mood because of the new gown called Colette created by Jumo… it is spectacular !  She had outdone herself this time!

Colette is made for slink, belleza and standard size bodies. I am wearing it with my Lara Maitreya body without any trouble…thank god for alpha’s.  This svelte gown also has a very sexy bare back… that adds to its allure.

Colette comes with an amazing hud… it offers four different patterns in a  basic background color palette of peach, pink, purple, blue and yellow.  All counted, Colette has 20 different color choices for each of the four patterns.

My favorite is the bird pattern… it is just gorgeous. When you wear it with the peach background it gives an illusion of skin beneath this delicate pattern. It is gorgeous and I have had tons of compliments on it.

Two of the patterns are more abstract and offer an artful blend of colors. There are two patterns that are more abstract; one reminds me of sequins and the one shown below is an artful abstract that reminds me of the great paintings by abstract expressionists of the mid 20th century.

The fourth pattern has an oriental vibe to it and is just lovely.  Each of the four color options is prettier than the next.  This is the “blue” version.

Colette’s hud isn’t done yet with its offerings as you can also choose to make this gown a solid color from black to red, teal to yellow and much more as there are a total of ten solid color offerings.  Colette also comes with two earrings… one is smaller than the other and creates a dramatic effect.

Gown – Collette by Jumo

Hair – Emo-tions – Roberta

The Vision …Mr X – Virtual Diva Couture, Park Place & Circa @ Swank + Emo-tions & Jumo

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Recently, I bought the cutest house to play in… it has been Years since  I bought a house… I haven’t gotten rid of my old and favorite house (and never will)… it is far too beautiful and well done by my dear friend Satir DeCuir. ( for the curious. For those really curious, feel free to visit my sim to see it and the pool… you won’t be sorry!  My new house is more of a romantic cottage… a wonderful place to spend time sorting inventory and unwinding… and dreaming of Mr. X.  The new house is by Pamela Galli.

I found a black classic leather chaise with ao’s for her, him and couples at Swank by Park Place along with a white pine accent table with country french styled legs.  I placed a SpitzMiller gourd shaped red lamp on it. The lamp casts a soft  “light” –can’t you picture yourself curled up with a good book (yes the paper kind) and almost nodding off for a snooze at dusk?  Park place also offers a selection of low prim plants, matching rugs and a lovely heart wall hanging that is perfect for February. This also comes with a shag diamond black and grey matching area rug.  The table is also available in walnut.

A second set (Kiss Me) to be found @ Swank by [Circa] includes a modernist set of couches shaped like giant lips in red and black that come loaded with ao’s for couples and singles as well as “kissing benches” and a modernist bombay shaped table with an oriental floral arrangement, a book and vase. The set is completed with a series of abstract patterned red and black rugs, a choice of red and black curtains and a trendy wall sculpture… “to the moon and back”… in red and silver that helps to meld all the colors of this set together.

I love the cute goth influenced black velvet dress I found at Swank called Vision by Virtual Diva Couture.  The off the shoulder look and the wide belt at the waistline with it’s distinctive cross makes Vision stylishly dark! The dress is made for mesh bodies.

Vision comes with gorgeous  triangular shaped beaded drop earrings in onyx, pearl and turquoise. I couldn’t resist wearing the new Thunderbird Necklace called Taipa by Emo-tions (there are other pieces that come with it as well).  I love the story of the Thunderbird, a Native American legend that has been recorded for centuries. The name Thunderbird comes from the common belief that the beating of its powerful wings causes thunder and stirs the  wind.

Swank Exclusives

Dress : Vision by Virtual Diva Couture

Set # 1 – Park Place – Black Leather Chaise (6 prims),  Accent Table  (1), Table Lamp red (2 prims), leafy green table plant (1 prim) and Heart Garlande (4 prims), Shag Diamon area rug (1 prim)

Set # 2 [Circa] – Kiss Me Ottoman (2 prims), Kiss Me Sofa (5 Prims), Kiss me side cabinet (7 prims), Free Love Rug (1 prim), to the Moon and Back (4 prims)

Necklace: Emo-tions – Taipa

Hair – Emo-tions – Lynette – Blonde Hud

Lips – Jumo – Bronx

LuceMia – .:JUMO:.

By LuceMia – A Flash of Light. Visit LuceMia – .:JUMO:. for original post.

LuceMia - .:JUMO:.

.:JUMO:. Whitney Hair
JUMO Hair – New Arrivals will be available in Jumo Marketplace from Feb, Monday 6th

+ .:JUMO:. Birthmarks
Birthmarks, Ghana Lips and Bronx Lips are part of the beauty line of JUMO, each in two versions for Catwa and Lelutka heads, with tattoo layers for classic avatar in each pack.

+ .:JUMO:. Bronx Lips
This a .:JUMO:. BEAUTY for Catwa Heads. This new concept of beauty was created exclusively to give your avatar a sexy and ultra realistic appearance, with high-quality textures, creating a very young and attractive look, with smooth curves and sensual softness.

JUMO Mainstore – JUMO Marketplace

Blog LuceMia
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War With Yourself…Featuring Jumo and Swank with Circa, Hot Fuss, zOOm

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You cannot create peace in your life if you are
at war with yourself.
~Jen Saunders
Whitney hair by Jumo
Smoke eyeshadow by La Bohemian 
Alexa lips by Jumo
Deidre top by Hot Fuss at Swank
Valentines leggings by zOOm at Swank
“Free Love” furniture by CIRCA at Swank
shown: Area rug in red/black, Hanging Hearts on rings, 
ottoman, PG sofa, Vine motif strip, curtain, side cabinet
Tarkhan holiday candelabra by Roawenwood
Rural tray coffee breakfast by !! Follow US !!
Deepest thoughts picture by Victorias Little Secrets
Rose petals by LunaRosarie (gacha)
War Against Yourself

She’s Like the Wind…Featuring Jumo and Braham Design

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Some things are impossible to obtain.
Sometimes it is someone who we cannot obtain.
They are so unreachable that there is no
possible way to hold onto them.

You must first realize that you are worthy of
anyone or anything.
Second you have to realize that obtaining
someone who seems unreachable may
be a blessing and not a curse.
Being with someone is a two way street
and if you try to achieve something
that is out of reach,
you may be setting yourself up
for a living hell.

So find someone…that is your everything.
But do not reach for that which will make
you unhappy.

Sugar hair by Due
Chocolat eyeshadow in 6 by !Musa!
Silken lips in mauve by Jumo
Cardigan, skirt, and socks by Braham Design
Dandelion hair piece by no.match
Dandelion in the hand by no.match

She’s Like the Wind

Mr. X and L Amore Snow – Virtual Diva Couture @ Swank & Jumo

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This morning I told Mr. X that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated every day of the year… not just one day. Of course I am a “romantic” — and, what is wrong with that.  I live by the saying in a world full of temporary things… I am a perpetual feeling.  And, I am feeling romantic today and found a gorgeous romantic gown in white (I love white gowns) at this month’s Swank by Virtual Diva Couture called L Amore Snow

L Amore Snow is glorious and is made for classic bodies… it also comes with a maitreya  hud that I used on my mesh body… whatever type of body you have classic or mesh this gown is easy to wear.  I love the romantic rose collar and the floating silk cape with it’s rose border that float in the winter breeze.

L Amore Snow will make you feel like a fairytale princess… the gown itself is lovely in silk with a delicate floral pattern.  It is a big formal gown… Mr. X likes that and so do I… you will float on the dance floor without a doubt

L Amore Snow also comes with a lavish floral headpiece that really crowns this look. I have paired this gown with new hair by Jumo called Lindsay and the new fabulous lipstick by Jumo for catwa and lelutka mesh heads and also for classic avatars called Bronx.  This lipstick is so realistically kissable… trust me on that !


Exclusive Gown from Swank – L Amore Snow by Virtual Diva Couture
Poses – Valentine’s Day Poses – Virtual Diva Couture

Hair – Jumo – Blondes Lindsay
Lips – Jumo – Bronx