“My head’s above the rain and roses”

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So, I had an eventful week. I had a birthday. I went to a workshop. I learned that I’m a ‘get appreciated’ personality type (according to the workshop). Good stuff huh? Although, that’s not the most important take away from this week. I also learned I could pass for a real life Laurie should I ever want to change my name.


The workshop dude thought my name was Laurie. When I first started working with one of my co-workers, she called me Laurie and called another co-worker Lisa whose name was Laurie. I know what you’re thinking because I thought about it for a bit. Unforgettable was my first thought, so I had to do some digging. I mean, my self-esteem was on the line!


I decided a name is just a name. Sometimes, I don’t feel like a Lisa (my formal name is actually Alisa; huh lol), and I feel more like a Laylah. Then there are days I feel like Sunshine. I don’t feel like a Jasmine anymore, though. Those days are over. The moral of my story? Sorry, but I don’t have one. This story is only beginning (or at least in the middle of the book).😉

I’m wearing
Outfit: Egoisme Elisa Pants and Sweater
Hair: Exile:: Snow Fall (L) @ The Arcade December 
Shoes: *katat0nik* (white / LT) Strap Boot (former Arcade item)
Body Parts: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara and LAQ Mesh Head Trinity
Props: CurelessAmore: /Surrealisme/ Manifeste Balloon (former Arcade item) and Moon Amore: Frozen Xmas/ Snowy Wearable @ The Arcade December
Poses: Del May Little Breath and Aloft
Location: Days of O

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‘My building in others’ photos – by Huckleberry Hax

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What a lovely surprise, Huckleberry Hax used some of my photo’s in his blogpost about his ‘Nancy Redgrave Building‘ ! A true 70’s office, wonderful for photoshoots or just sitting and contemplating the good old times!

What the Huck?


A while back I posted about my new, 23 prim, six floor building that I’d put on sale on the Marketplace.  I wasn’t really expecting it to sell – especially seeing as how it isn’t mesh – but then again it was a labour of love for me and I did price it at only $ L49. So it turns out I have sold a few copies.


I was especially delighted to see recently these wonderful photos above and below of my build from Amona Savira on Flickr. Amona has captured the ‘open spaceness’ of my building in these images much better than any attempt of my own. It was a real treat to come across them.


I’ve placed a customised version of the building over my own land as the newest version of my ‘Nancy Redgrave Building‘.  I haven’t blogged properly about this yet because the interior…

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I’ve been getting a ton of requests on how I take my…

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I’ve been getting a ton of requests on how I take my photos in SL, so I figured I’d record a quick video on it. I might record these a bit more often, just to show you how I set up before I take the actual photo…if you want them, of course, haha

I use Anna Adored’s Realistic Ambient and normally mess with my lighting from there, and yes, often, when setting up, i get stuck inside furniture and walls with my camera until I get the spot I like…haha ^^

My Feeds:

Got something you want me to review? Send me a message with requests, or if you’re a store wanting something showcased, send me a message inworld to CassandraMiddles Resident. I normally review monthly events, FLF, Luxebox, and occasionally do full hauls of stores I really love. I also post almost daily on my flickr and tumblr, when not doing vlogs, and would love to see your stuff as well!
  -CassandraMiddles Resident

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Essences Sash Peche Skin
Ikon Charm Green Eyes
Axix Creepy Teeth Vamp Normal
L’etre Angel Eye Lashes
Lamb Crave You Hair
Veechi Winged Liner
Veechi Glitter Beach Nails

Milk Tea Flora Sunset@ SANARAE

Trompe Loeil – Eloise Conservatory
AF Dreams Bed (PG Version, Burnished Brass)

…..My dream … live always by your side …..

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Dress: KiB Designs – Cake Gown Cake Gown (Exclusive) in Color Me Project (25th Sept. – 4th Oct.) New


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[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Pretty Reckless – “Light Me Up” ]

[ MOOD: Annoyed ]

Tonight took a slight turn, so I’m just gonna post this and head to bed. Hope you like it!




DRESS + HAIR: Addams // Giselle Mesh Dress w/Hood + *Besom Hair~ Giselle hair


Hola mi amores! Androgyny here with a really cool (in my…

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Hola mi amores! Androgyny here with a really cool (in my opinion), look for you all. I’m so loving this Boho loveliness. It’s light it’s airy it’s just wonderful. So many of my fave events are just pumping out these dope pieces so you gotta check em out! Thanks for tuning in and remember, all is fair in fashion with T.A.B! 

Hair: [monso] // My Hair Hyeok *Hat apart of hair* // @ TMD 
Cardigan: SPIRIT // Hip Cardigan // *Mix&Match Hud * // @ C88 *8th* 
Vest: RINKA // YVA Vest // * Mix&Match Hud* // @ TCF 
Shorts: SPIRIT // Hip Shorts // *Mix&Match Hud * // @ C88 *8th* 
Shoes: #EMPIRE // Bellflower // @ Anybody 
Earrings: ::Axix:: // Maehwa Earrings // @ The Gacha Garden 
Bracelet: ::Axix:: // Maehwa Bracelet Dark // @ The Gacha Garden
Pet: [Black Bantam] // Baby Bob Cat Cub 05 // @ Kustom9 
Backdrop: LEIJIN // Structure The Fear No Man // @ Black WallStreet 
Windows: +Half-Deer+ // Faux Window – Sunny Day (High Blinds) 
DayBed: Ariskea // [Wild] Boho Daybed [Wood] // @ C88 *8th* 
Tapestry: Ariskea // [Wild] Boho Tapestry [Green Mandala] // @ C88 *8th* 
Wood Arrow: Ariskea //  [Wild] Boho wood [Arrow] // @ C88 *8th* 
Plant: Ariskea // [Wild] Boho Plant Hanger [Suculent] // @ C88 *8th* 

….My deep thoughts….

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Head: CATWA HEAD Gwen v4.8

Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Editorial \ Eastern wind – Ombre

Eyelashes: .::Nanika::. Eyelashes Gretel [Catwa] Applier for TRES CHIC

Tattoo: .::Nanika::.Neysa tattoo black for TRES CHIC

Outfit: FashionNatic Diamande Female Outfit
5 sizes Rigged Dress + Slink Physique + Maitreya + Hourglass with the use of alpha hud.
Mesh Slink Heels + Maitreya (Feet Not Included)

Pose:{QP} – Deep Thoughts to exclusive for Pose lovers & friends

……my little shelter……..

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Hair: ~ NO_DAIQUIRI ~ No.Match @ Hair Fair New

Top: B BOSDeisy Top-Black- New

Shorts: [hh] Azura Shorts New

Tattoo:.::Nanika::.Himmat tattoo black for The Secret Affair New

Pose: {QP} – Unconditional Love (Wear/Add)New

Furniture and decor:
Serenity Style-Cosette Gacha Col. SHINY SHABBY JULY 16 New

“My Name Is No”

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“My name is no
My sign is no
My number is no
You need to let it go

Swag prof


I finally did it, i crossed over to the ‘darkside’ and got Maria and Penny mesh heads. I mean, i’ve had mesh heads before, even blogged them here but never felt ‘comfortable’ in them. However, it took finally another mesh head from Catwa and a change of skin maker to finally make it work. As anyone who follows this blog would know, i’m an avid Glam Affair fan and still am. However, i couldn’t make the skin’s work for the mesh head to a state where i felt happy with it. I adore the quality of Glam though and they are super pretty skins but i felt it was time for me to jump into the unknown and try another creator for the mesh head. Delving into Deetalez, armed with all the demo mesh heads from Catwa, i went and took all the Catwa demo’s from the store and played around until i found the perfect combo for ‘me’. I enjoyed it that much, i went and bought the same head/skin combo for Penny too, but a shade darker and trust me when i say, even a shade darker, makes a world of difference to how it looks. Anyway. I’ve posted both the edited and unedited so you can see the quality raw.

unedit prof



Hair Little Bones  Mint (The Brunettes)
Skin Deetalez
Eyes IKON Triumph Eyes  (Slate)
Head Catwa Aisha (Fatpack)
Tunic Dead Dollz Ling (Pink)



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