Life is a stage and you got only One performance! Make it a good One…

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Style Card: –David Heather-Anti [email protected]/Feb-Mar 2017 Essenz – [email protected] Couture Fair 7/March 2017 ISUKA Santal [email protected] /March 2017   Decor Card: Ariskea & The Den [Tokyo] Neon [email protected]/Feb-Mar 2017 Ariskea & The Den [Tokyo] Tokyo Sign [email protected]/Feb-Mar 2017 Ariskea & The Den [Tokyo]Wall [email protected]/Feb-Mar 2017 Ariskea & The Den [Tokyo] Neo Pole 22 [email protected]/Feb-Mar 2017 {YD}

I could be the one.

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🎧 .

I could be the one

Mesh head: Lelutka -Cate- bento @the skin fair 2017

Head Applier: Head Applier:  Essences -Anke-

Hair: Taketomi -NaHee- 

Jacket: *COCO* Leather Jacket With Denim

Jeans: Blueberry -Gacie-


Soy -Sandbag Cuctas / Soy -Shag Shag stool @c88


“Oh baby, come on, let me get to know you
Just another chance so that I can show
That I won’t let you down and run
No, I won’t let you down and run
Cause I could be the one
I could be the one…”


Found One…

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Captain’s Log- Day 17 of the USS Coursey,
Today I discovered the ST Mini Dress complete outfit at *~*Moolala*~*.  It has a hud with the three main colors of blue, red, and yellow and also a hud for the nails as well.  Also be sure to note *~*Moolala*~* has moved to a new location of Yorkdale, so update your landmarks.  Discovering the Rooster as a new lifeform found the Yeti from a few arcades ago has been updated.  So stop over at [ Wilds of Organica ] or look up Aki Shichiroji to see if you have the updated version or how to retrieve yours.  I have an alien aussie to catalog so y’all have fun <3


Outfit:  *~*Moolala*~* ST – Shirt Mini Dress Complete Outfit (even includes nail appliers) *NEW RELEASE* by amandasue.hallison
Style Queen 20 Pantyhose Black by Rydut.mildor
Jewelry:  EarthStones SunMoonStars Bracelets & EarthStones SunMoonStars Earrings & EarthStones SunMoonStars Necklace by Abraxxa Anatine
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Cinnamon by Truth Hawkes
Makeup:  alaskametro<3 “#onfleek” makeup palette by Alaskametro
Skin Applier:  Insol: face Candy by almercury
Mesh Body avEnhancements:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
CATWA HEAD Catya by Catwa.Clip


[ Wilds of Organica ] Yeti Avatar by Aki Shichiroji

Musical Inspiration:  
Underground by David Bowie

The One…

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*Sweet Kajira* done it this time.  Bronte captured the perfect look for her Isolda gown.  Bringing the mythology of Tristan and Isolde to life.  It’s absolutely gorgeous with the stars, the regal look of a queen without too much flair so she can still fit into the healer role.  Tristan and Isolde was an even more ill-fated than Romeo and Juliet.  Tristan fought with Isolde’s uncle ending up wounded, Isolde was the one who healed him and brought him back to health so he could flee.  Then as Isolde was engaged to a lying man, Tristan saved her, proving the man a false… Only to have to take her to his uncle the King to marry, but the journey there brought the two lovers together.  Can you imagine how hard it had to have been for them both as she was forced to marry a man while her lover stood by?  Tristan was banished, marrying a woman named Isolde as well, he was said to have become a member of King Author’s Round table.  Tristan ended up wounded called for Isolde to come heal him once again, but his jealous wife told him she did not come.  He died as her ship landed and she was rushing to his side.  For Valentine’s day I think *Sweet Kajira* did a beautiful job allowing the two lovers to be together in our own modern day in Second Life.  It’s available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival in seven colors, I wish you better luck than these two had.  Barusa once again found a outfit to fit our play at the We <3 Roleplay, having gotten a taste of the [BODY FACTORY].  He’s enjoying mixing and matching his finds.  He’s always the handsome hero in my story <3  Y’all have fun, I think we’re gonna go work on a happy ending for Isolde and Tristan this time <3


Outfit:  *Sweet Kajira* Isolda corse purple *NEW RELEASE* & *Sweet Kajira* Isolda dress purple *NEW RELEASE* & *Sweet Kajira* Isolda foulard purple *NEW RELEASE* & *Sweet Kajira* Isolda skirt purple *NEW RELEASE* by Bronte Denja
Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Accessories:  / fashion:Lore / – Princess w/Gems Set by Lorelei Maggs
=Zenith=Guardian Of The Stars Wings Crown by 喵 仙 人
Hair:  NO.MATCH_NO.SHELTER. by no.match
Makeup Applier:  alaskametro<3 “Fall Essentials” makeup palette by alaskametro
Skin Applier:  Insol: face Candy  by almercury
Mesh Body avEnhancements:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
CATWA HEAD Catya by Catwa.Clip


Outfit:  [BODY FACTORY] AssassinS Suit & [BODY FACTORY] Stark Leather Boots & [BODY FACTORY] Carbon Pants by Deco Olinger
Available at We <3 Roleplay
Accessories:  [BODY FACTORY] Katana Sword Devil – Male by Deco Olinger
Available at We <3 Roleplay
Hair: Amacci Hair Ethan ~ by Carina Larsen
Skin Applier: 7 Deadly s{K}ins– Devan by Izara Zuta
Mesh Body Enhancements:  CATWA HEAD Paul by Catwa Clip
Slink AvEnhance Hand – Relax & Slink Avatar Enhancement Male Feet PHYSIQUE Flat Feets & Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body by Siddean Munro

Musical Inspiration:

The beats were many, but our hearts were one.

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Shape: N*Joy / Yolandi Bento Shape
Mesh head: CATWA HEAD / Catya (Bento)
Skin: DeeTaleZ / Face Donna  “New update”
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ / Gauged Ears  “New! @ Fetish Fair
Hands: Vista Animations / F-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM
Hair: Wasabi Pills / Happy Mesh Hair – Style 1 Basics RARE  “New! @ The Chapter Four
Set: Astralia / Ivy elf set  “New @ The Gacha Garden

#One day…

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 ***Dress: Scandalize. Alysa. Brown
***Hair: ICONIC: RIALYNN  HAIR DYES  >>HairOlogy 
***Necklace: .BF. Lorry Choker
***Eyes: .euphoric ~Kenya Eyes [Catwa App. – System – Mesh ]
***Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Maria tattoo Black RARE   >>SaNaRaE
***Lipstick:Insol: Lelutka lipstick “Noble gloss” >>Uber
***Mesh head & body appliers: Insol: face Bianca, Honey (LELUTKA)  >>Uber
***Bodymesh: Belleza-Freya 
***Shape: Insol: Bianca shape (Simone Bento) >>Uber
***Headmesh: LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.2
***Pose: Moccino – Pose Pack Collection ‘Joanne’ #12

 ***Dress: Scandalize. Alysa. Brown
***Hair: ICONIC: RIALYNN  HAIR DYES  >>HairOlogy 
***Necklace: .BF. Lorry Choker
***Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Maria tattoo Black RARE   >>SaNaRaE
***Shoes: #EMPIRE – Wedelia
***Lipstick:Insol: Lelutka lipstick “Noble gloss” >>Uber
***Mesh head & body appliers: Insol: face Bianca, Honey (LELUTKA)  >>Uber
***Bodymesh: Belleza-Freya 
***Shape: Insol: Bianca shape (Simone Bento) >>Uber
***Headmesh: LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.2
***Pose: Moccino – Pose Pack Collection ‘Joanne’ #12 

And if you’re in love, then you are the lucky one,  ‘Cause most of us are bitter over someone 

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Serendipity: perception… Pose – Part of set @The Darkness Chamber Fair

.Entwined. Mila /  Roots @The Crossroads

Beusy x Random Matter: Pandora’s Box Gacha // Heart Glasses [Gold] @N21

ISON x Luxe Box (August Luxe box)- cropped bomber

Emery Silverstone Top Skin

Kibitz – Althea body chain  – gold

Addams // Mesh Ornella High Rise Jeans

Location – La Digue du Braek

Daughter – Youth