Life is a stage and you got only One performance! Make it a good One…

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Style Card: –David Heather-Anti [email protected]/Feb-Mar 2017 Essenz – [email protected] Couture Fair 7/March 2017 ISUKA Santal [email protected] /March 2017   Decor Card: Ariskea & The Den [Tokyo] Neon [email protected]/Feb-Mar 2017 Ariskea & The Den [Tokyo] Tokyo Sign [email protected]/Feb-Mar 2017 Ariskea & The Den [Tokyo]Wall [email protected]/Feb-Mar 2017 Ariskea & The Den [Tokyo] Neo Pole 22 [email protected]/Feb-Mar 2017 {YD}

Second Life: Performance Changing

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As the Second Life™ system advances more of the content will be transferred to the viewer by HTTP protocol. This takes load from UDP and the region server-simulators and moves it to the Content Delivery Network (CDN). We expect some degree of region performance improvement, especially in crowded regions with lots of avatars. But, there … Continue reading

LEA26 — The Last Unicorn Theatrical Dance Performance, Saturday Dec 17th at 7pm SLT

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Saturday, December 17th at 7pm SLT/PST (time in the game)
Many of you are familiar with our sim, at LEA26, 
by Subversive Vavoom (aka Lindy Hopper)
dedicated to the book by Peter S. Beagle.

We’re holding a dance and theatrical performance in honor of the sim, the magical story, and our experience at LEA26. These performances will be taking place all across the sim, as we take you into each scene through a magical experience with us!

Everyone is welcome to attend, and all participants will witness such amazing scenes as:
The Unicorn’s Springtime Woods
A Butterfly’s Tale
Mommy Fortuna’s Midnight Carnival
Capt. Cully’s Outlaws (Schmendrick’s Magic Show)
Molly Meets the Unicorn
Transforming to Lady Amalthea- What Have I Done?
Prince Lir’s Love
The Red Bull’s Lair
Grand Finale- The Return of Unicorns to the World

Our dancers have worked hard to ensure you’ll be amazed, so we ask that you take the time to lower your scripts, and wear an avatar with lower-level complexity. Read more about how to do this, and avatar-imposters here:
(please, no HUDS, facelights or particle emitters)

This is a ONE TIME show, so please do mark your calendars and arriveas early as possible due to limited seating.  Please arrive at this landmark by 7pm on Dec. 17th (Second Life Time)



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Relax, pull up a chair and kick up your feet, you may not realize it yet but you’re in for a rare treat. A one of a kind performance from the one and only Blood Rose! Don’t look her in the eye, for it’s with the eyes that the spell is cast and you will find no mercy here. Once ensnared, your soul is lost for all of eternity, forced to roam the wastelands of her blackened heart forevermore. Do you dare to watch the performance? Are you brave enough to risk it all?

What I’m wearing: 
Head: Catwa – Dyana
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Applier: Deetalez – Merilyn (eastern)
Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes (Oak)
Hair: Truth Hair – Harmony
Headpiece: Luas – Iriana Headdress RARE **FGC**
Crown: Luas – Iriana Circlet RARE **FGC**
Face: Souzou Eien – Tahari Treasure – RARE Veil **FGC**
Neck: Luas – Iriana Collar RARE **FGC**
Tattoo: Aurica Store – Ayrin Tattoo (Maitreya) ULTRARARE **FGC**
Ring: OtC – Collar Ring (Blk)
Nails: RealEvil Industries – Precious Nails
Top: Luas – Iriana Top Black **FGC**
Skirt: Luas – Iriana Skirt Black **FGC**
Arms: Luas – Iriana Gloves RARE **FGC**
Legs: Luas – Iriana Thighband  RARE **FGC**
Shoes: REIGN – Kenlee Flats – Black

Poses Used: Thrust Poses 

LEA20 – Brexit – A Theatrical Performance by Art Blue, September 29th at 1pm SLT

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BREXIT – A theatrical performance in front of the Surreal Cube
by Art Blue
Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016, 1.00 PM PDT LEA20

Intro: The Queen is having her regular afternoon tea in the saloon and the world around looks fine. The talks after some days passing on the Brexit have slowed down. The sun covers the Buckingham palace in a nice autumn light. Peace has found its way back to the Kingdom.
Then the door slammes open.
The Queen´s butler James rushing in:  “Your Majesty, Your Majesty. The crown will lose Scotland!”


How it came to the story: On September, 18, 2014 the Scottish people (from 16 years onwards) voted about the separation from England to gain full sovereignty as a separate country. The result was by 55% to stay as a part of the United Kingdom not very charming for the Queen. On June, 20, 2016 the supporters of the Brexit (“Leave the European Union”) made it by 51,9 %. That means that England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and Scotland have to leave. Only people above 18 years could vote there. The stats in Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and Scotland show that the majority there wants to stay in the EU. Also that the overwhelming majority of the young generation wants to stay in the EU. The Scottish Prime Minister calls now for a “second vote” to leave the United Kingdom so to stay in the European Union.
For more see  (page 12)


Hardware: Disk Performance Compared

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I just getting to where I can use my new computer for most of my daily tasks. I am still researching what aspects of the new computer most affect Second Life™ viewer performance. One of the more effective things one can do is look at data storage speed. Here is what I find. I used … Continue reading