Hello, Is someone there?! Please help me!

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Some days you feel like you’re being watched, and that is a feeling that doesn’t feel all that good. Someone’s looking over your shoulder, watching your every move and waiting for you to slip up – falling on your face. Maybe it’s a sign of the usually well-hidden lack of self-esteem that I have, a sign that the cracks are there no matter what kind of veneer I put over the top of them, and that I worry so much about pleasing others that I’m afraid to fail anyone – no matter how much they hurt me in return. OR maybe it’s all a sign of me over thinking too much, I do that too, and it leaves me feeling lost and alone without reason. The mind can be a pretty treacherous thing sometimes… Fear is the most difficult of all emotions to deal with, as it resonates into all walks of life. 
Yet sometimes, things like fear can summon up other emotions… Things like fear can draw things out of us that we didn’t believe possible – strength, passion and even in some very rare cases desire… 
Today I have a sense of desire to protect myself, born of a perhaps unreal fear, but a feeling that’s lurking in my brain… Images spring to life, but the image that I’ve created today of Rudh, really screams and shares that feeling of being watched whilst feeling alone all at once…

Would you believe that all these emotions came bubbling to the surface to become art because of one of the smallest pieces in this picture? I must have been harbouring these feelings in my mind, but there is ONE tiny object that brought this to life…
That object is the very pretty, very dainty looking, “Softly Bound” ribbon cuff from Ama – which is available until the 23rd at Tie Me Up by the way. This item could have taken me in all kinds of directions, from something pretty to something overly kinky, but instead it lead me somewhere dark and twisted. I guess it doesn’t help that HellBone gave me this awesome Witch’s Recluse Chair – from Jian – that looked SO perfect in his DRD Makeshift Refuge! 
Now I will admit that although Rudh is being watched in this picture, and things do look a little sinister, I would have had a hard time taking this picture with the shadow of anyone else. There are very few people in SL that have seen my truly vulnerable side, and the man watching me is one of those. Having people like him around make the bad feelings fade into good ones, and I guess – much like taking this photo and writing a blog post – talking here really helps too… Right now that feeling I had when I started has gone, I just hope that it stays well buried and deep within the shadows from now on! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: ARGRACE – KOHAKU in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair – Seya in Europa 2 
Bruises: antielle – Appetizer Bites & Hickies (No Longer Available)
Ribbon Cuff: Ama – Softly Bound in Infinity (Available until April 23rd at Tie Me Up)
Chair: JIAN – Witch’s Recluse Gacha Item in Chair 
Set: DRD – Makeshift Refuge 

“Don’t drop me please, I just need a quick pho-I said don’t drop…

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“Don’t drop me please, I just need a quick pho-I said don’t drop meeeee”

Thank you to James for posing with me, you butt.

These are just sneak peeks of stuff comin’ to epiphany, but y’all know i’ll be doing a whole vlog on it later this week. xo

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Got something you want me to review? How about a sim you want to show off? Tutorials? Send me a message with requests, or if you’re a store wanting something showcased, send me a message inworld to CassandraMiddles Resident. I normally review monthly events, FLF, Luxebox, and occasionally do full hauls of stores I really love. I also love showing off beautiful sims, get ready with me’s, and sometimes sing. I also post almost daily on my flickr and tumblr, when not doing vlogs, and would love to see your stuff as well!
-CassandraMiddles Resident

Taken at Baja Bay

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Lelutka Head Simone
Ikon Charm Green Eyes
Glam Affair Adley America
Fetch x Veechi Natural Foiled Eyeshadow@ Epiphany
Fetch x Veechi Dark Coco [email protected]
Fetch x Veechi Wisp Eyelash [email protected]
Blues Saphira Hair@ K9
RE Surya Black Tattoo
empire Cut Tinykini@ epiphany
Reign Spring Tassel Wedges knee@ C88

small note, the giveaway winners were announced here!

Taxi, Please!

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Hmmm, I am pretty sure the party address was wrong because this does not look like Candy’s place and I am feeling a bit conspicuous in this outfit in this neighbourhood.  I wonder if someone would call me a taxi as I had no pockets for my phone.  I mean, where would one put a phone in this?

Still, I do look awfully cute in this Camelia top, pants, tights and boots from *dafnis!  It is a new release and I feel in love with it all, but I do love the shorts with the lacing.  Too cool.

I teamed it up with the necklace and earrings from Zuri Rayna which is from a set that includes the Dangle Me Beautiful Earrings and Necklace in Sapphire (shown) as well as the Floral Tiara in Cobalt/Sterling and the Lotis Armlets in Sapphire/Sterling.  I will show all of these closer up in a later post, but here is just a taste.  I can tell you, however, that these items are part of the WomenStuff Hunt, so go and grab them!

I am also using a pose from the new Image Essentials set called Sultry and IT IS!  You can find this pose and the rest of the set at the Black Fair which is now open.

My hair was one I picked up at The Crossroads and is called Scarlett from Entwined.  Very chic!

A little more sleep please 

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Every morning I wake up with a heavy chest and gasp of breath. 

No I’m not having a heart attack. My male rag doll cat Bondi is my alarm. 

He wakes me by jumping on my chest and meowing a hearty good morning.

He has done it since he was a kitten and it has always been cute but now he weighs 8.6 kg believe me, less cute! Still endearing but some days like today when my sleep is deep and I want those extra 5 minutes, he doesn’t understand and wakes me up anyhow.

Oh and his paper ball gets dropped on my face. 

Yes at 5 am Bondi loves to play fetch!

Ignore him you say? You try ignoring a big lion looking cat with exquisite blue eyes that looks at you like a child looks at their mother. Can’t be done.

Now this is one of my final vlogs at the beautiful sim I keep telling you about.

I haven’t tested to see if they have shut off public access yet as I was busy in RL last night. 

Video vlog :-

Credits :-

Frou frou top and Hippie jeans both from American Bazaar and available at the Designer Showcase

PU2004 sunglasses from Glamistry

Catya bento head CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Christy dark skin Lara Hurley

Misaki hair from Argrace

Shot on location at Marina Island

#218 VHW – A drink please !

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Snapshot_00111 final 1

What I’m wearing

▷ ▷ Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
▷ ▷ Outfit: !DC! La’Shia Dress (Mesh) Nior – (Belleza/Slink/Maitreya/TMP/Tonic) – (DivahZ Couture)
▷ ▷ Footwear: !DC! La’Shia Boots (Mesh) w/HUD colors – (Belleza/Slink/Maitreya) – (DivahZ Couture)


HQ on my Flickr, check it out!

#637.Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

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Hair: DOUX – Mikey Hairstyle 
Beard: BODY MOD – LUCIAN – Beard 01 @ MOM
Top: MGmen’s Jacket_Biker @ MOM
Pants: +BeBop+ Jean CHINO @ MOM

Pose: XXY – Manly 1 @ MOM

…so angels please; please stay here….

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…Be soft. Do no let the world make you hard. 
Do not let pain make you hate. 
Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness…

I am wearing:
Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara (by Onyx LeShelle)
Head:.LeLutka.Head.Chloe 2.6 w/new hud animations&makeup (by JadenArt) NEW!!!!! ♥♥♥
Applier Skin: Glam Affair – Carol Asia for Lelutka Head (by Aida Ewing) [email protected] Ed.
Hair: tram G0210 hair hud b (by Moca Loup) [email protected] Ed.
Chocker: Tabou Whimy choker&necklace w/hud colors&metals (by glamsoglamour) [email protected] Chic – March Ed.
Dress: Junbug – Alaia White – for Maitreya (by Juno Mantel) [email protected] – Mar Ed
Cigarette: [ kunst ] – Vintage Cigarette Holder Long w/hud (by Kunst Himmel) NEW@Kustom9- March Ed.
Rings: Pumec – Ring set 01 – w/hud metals for Vista Hands (by Rita Pumec) [email protected] Chic – March Ed.

SLTB 2255: “FEATURING – Muili ” ~ Yess! Please ~ @ !Level Up!

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Event:  !Level Up!
Dates: March 16th – March 29th
Bi-Weekly Event
Round: 2

Store: [email protected]
Name: Gabriela
Label: Apparel
Kind:  Women’s Clothes
Type: ShortDress
Style: Lace

  • Red
  • Black
  • Ivory


  • Eve
  • Lolas
  • Omega
  • Slink
  • TMP

Store: -Desmonia-
Name: Yadira
Label: Accessories
Kind: Hair
Type: Long Hair
Colors: Hud

EVENT:  !Level Up!


Peace Piece Please

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Pieces of me scattered around.

Summon them back into my clouds.

Let them permeate all that I´ve been.

They run for shelter so let them be.

Style Info

Suede mini dress with a deeply cut ¨V¨ droopy neckline. Sleeveless and cut hanging low on the hip with two side pockets, it comes with a ´harness´ bikini top and has a color change HUD allowing for plenty of versatility. Vero Modero – Tek Suede Dress with color HUD +  Island Top + Zig Zag – Necklace & Bracelet. Hair by Lamb. Body by  Maitreya + Lelutka Bento Mesh Head. Prop by Reign – Chanel´s Closet @ The Arcade but … watch out as it´s over 200 prims!  xox, Landa

Future Islands – A Dream of You And Me

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