It’s the small things

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It's the small things

Table Kunst Nox Table @ Shiny Shabby
Divider Kunst Barn room divider @ Shiny Shabby
Alcohol Sign Kunst Alcohol! sign @ Shiny Shabby
Stool Kunst  Wooden Stool
Books Zerkalo Small Things Antlers & Books  @ The Seasons Story
Newspaper Zerkalo Small Things Old Newspaper  @ The Seasons Story
Plant Serenity Style- Bring it to me  -plant
Love Blocks Zerkalo Dreaming of Spring Blocks Dark @ The Crossroads
Frame Zerkalo Dreaming of Spring Frame Dark @ The Crossroads
Blanket Zerkalo Dreaming of Spring Blanket Dark @ The Crossroads
Chairs Nomad Art Deco Arm Chair
Guitar Seven Emporium Unstrung Classical Guitar 

#460. When you lose small mind you free your life

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Hair: lock&tuft – downed v3 – L8
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Grim Tattoo – The Kawaii Project

Scene details:

By FloorplanN21
floorplan. neon slay baby slay

By [ kunst ]   TMD 
[ kunst ] – Industrial liqueur dispenser

By [ kunst ] – The Epiphany
.03 [ kunst ] – Truss (a)
.05 [ kunst ] – Stage speakers SP  2200 / hanging
.06 [ kunst ] – Stage speakers SP  2200 / floor
.09 [ kunst ] – Spotlights SL 1000



Taking a small trip to the, Fantasy Faire!

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Fantasy Faire Sim Exploring

I did my best but, for some reason, I kept crashing, or being forcibly logged out.. My pc is a pain in my tush, haha.. but, I think these sims I managed to stay long enough to grab some photos, will entice you to come check out the rest..
And do not worry.. I will try to get more photos as time goes on.

This sim scared the hell out of me… if you know me.. then you know why..

Fantasy Faire Sim Exploring

One of my favs next.

Fantasy Faire Sim Exploring

And the last sim, I took the time to sit and rez!

Fantasy Faire Sim Exploring

Now you should keep in mind, these are only partial photos.. the sims have so much more to them, so make sure you check them all out!

Not perfect sizes on the photos but, meh..

Here is your limo!!

Fantasy Faire 2017!

Small Icecream shop

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Dear reader.

Still little bit cold to eat icecream or cold ice but i loove to eat cold food when cold season 🙂

Credit @ Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Kara* Birdhouse 3A
*Chickie* E
*Spring Vase* B / 9 vase colors
*Potting Table* D
*Kia* Flowers A
*Kia* Flowers D
*Hello Spring* Pitcher D
*Kara* Crates 2A
*Garden Crates* A
*Garden Crates* H
*Garden Crates* F
*Garden Crates* B
*Potting Table* C
*Kara* Birdhouse 2A

Credit @ Aphrodite / <Hear Homes> by Marketplace / Main store
Heart Homes “Icecream Truck” SPECIAL EDITION 1.1 -Static-
Heart Homes “Icecream Truck” SPECIAL EDITION 1.1 -Opening-

Credit @ Redeux
wood table set : Spirits of Nature Table Set @ GroupGift of Redeux
Chair planter : Myth – Chair Planter @ GroupGift of Redeux

Redeux last only 2days! There is a lot of 35L or 30L or 25L or 50% off item by a lot of shop.
It would makes you fun of shopping 🙂

Enjoy your Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Every day a small piece of me dies………

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Every day a small piece of me dies………

I watch this series 13 Reasons Why that makes me do this picture. Being lonely and no one listen to what you try to tell makes you feel that you not wanted in this world.

Go and see the series, it really good.

Today is the last day that St Pete is closing, I have a apartment there and I will miss the place as well as my apartment, cus i felt in love the moment i step into this place. Thank you Neva for making this apartment for me and let me stay here till the last day. I know I will miss this place cause this place give me peace and memories….


On Hikaru:
Hair: [^.^ AYASHI ^.^] – Daimon Hair (Includes Hair, Horns and 8 hair colors HUD) at We Love Roleplay April 2017
Headphone: MANDALA – Eargasm Headphones at mainstore
Top: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Asymmetric Jacket (mesh body compatible, 4 colors available) at The Mens Department April 2017
Pants: .SHI – Luca Meggings Homme at mainstore
Boots: J’s – [Men’s] Studded Long boots (Black) at mainstore
Cigarette: [ KUNST ] – Unisex Accessories Gacha II, .01 Slim Cigarette Holder RARE at mainstore

Pose: MMMA – [3M] me2 01 sit1

Puppy: JIAN – Lively Labs Gacha, Golden Companion Pup at mainstore

Interior Design by Neva Crystall
Items displayed:

Chair: PIXEL MODE HOME – [PM]Pixel Mode – Sheffield Daybed at mainstore
Lights: PIXEL MODE HOME – [PM]Pixel Mode – Corbin Hanging Light – A (4 lengths included) at mainstore

Blinds: ::TEDDYJR:: STORE – Venetian Blinds A at mainstore

Books: DUTCHIE FURNITURE & HOMES – Dutchie row of books History of the Netherlands 9-16 and Dutchie row of books 15 from mainstore

BookShelves: APPLE FALL – AF Kensington Bookcase (old gacha)
Fireplace: APPLE FALL – Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (Black) at mainstore
Bar: APPLE FALL – Masculine Bar at mainstore
Bottle: APPLE FALL – Elderflower Cordial (SHINY SHABBY) at marketplace

Single: CHEEKY PEA – :CP: Daniella Armchair (Adult) BrownLeather at mainstore
Sofa: CHEEKY PEA – :CP: Hello Vegas Corner Sofa (Adult) at mainstore

Chandelier: NOMAD – Brocante Crystal Chandelier (gacha) at mainstore

Candles: .:REVIVAL:. – Bucket of candles zinc at mainstore

Carpet: APARTMENT B – Snuggle Up! Rug (gacha) from past Shiny Shabby Event in 2015.

House – SCARLET CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE – Greenwich Park House (Rare, from Greenwich Park Gacha of past The Arcade Event September 2015) now at mainstore

Small rest in the feet of ruins

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  • Dress : LSR Moda “Daphne” (with hud colors)
  • Hair : EXXESS “Senuna”
  • Shoes : Glamistry “Calystegia” (with hud colors)
  • Leather : Mandala “Sitennoah white”
  • Bracelet :RealEvil “Aeternum”
  • Jewerly : Son!a “Yearn”
  • Body : Maitreya  ” body Mesh Lara “
  • Garden furnitures : Kaerri “Ruin with Sits” from event Swank

New Mina.(and small Freebie).

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I have a bugbear and it’s when someone SCREAM’S FREEBIE in their title and they have a stunning picture of an outfit or furniture and it turns out the FREEBIE is a tiny little thing, a mouthie, thingamajig or  a whatsit etc so basically they’ve used FREEBIE as click bait.

So the “small freebie” in the title is the eyes, look deep into my Poetic Colour eyes…ignore the hair just look at my eyes!

You get a big pack of the one shade but so many sizes and of course, they’re mesh eyes.

NOW you can drool over the hair which sadly isn’t a freebie but it is a new Mina.

In the Mina shop, there is a lot of this style of hair, long, loose, natural drapey big hair without the wiggy/helmet look. Every Mina hair is different but sometimes she takes what works with a hair and works it into another hair which is why I always put her main shop LM so if you’re on a budget you can try all the hairs on before you find the one that sings to your heart.

BUT this one not only comes with the brilliant texturing and thickness but you can wear it 4 ways AND it comes with the newer 15 shades in each shade packs Hud and only 279Lds!

Slightly hyperventilating here.  You can wear cheap clothes, you can wear cheap shoes but you cannot wear cheap skin or hair so even if you invest in one paid for hair pack or skin with this much bigger colour palette you get all you need.

So the “options”(on the Hud you click the options tab) are thick strands down the front of both shoulders, one strand only down either left or right or hair fully over the shoulder…yes clear as mud but of course always try out the demo’s first even if you like how this hair looks on me you must always try on hair/skin etc for yourself to make sure it suits your AV.

As it happens I didn’t notice the Demo in Mina’s mainshop on my last visit but it really should be there as she’s pretty good at putting the Demo’s and LM’s out for her new stock.  Only available at Kustom9 at the mo and it’s packed! but for once I’ve got in pretty early so you have till the 10th April before this event is over.

UPDATE I was right and Mina has been prompt and “June” is now in her mainshop for you to try the demo on first.

Mina’s Mainshop

Poetic Colours

Kustom 9

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