#358-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: ULTRA special…

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Belt Up, Betty! ULTRA Special..

“I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious”  Albert Einstein

  • Kenza” from [KR]
  • Cara” boots from Bleich
  • Arwen” from MINA
  • Maired” Eye make up and “Lareto” Lips both from Zibska
  • Doll Dizzy” pose from LePoppycock

Special “Hot Cargo” Delivery

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Special Delivery 2048

This picture totally reminded me of the TV Show Dexter with all the containers in the back (first season, y’all), so I needed to do a pic with those in the back even if without all the blood 😛


Catsuit ~ Justice – “Infinity” – MP Store
Hair ~ Truth – “Arwen” [Variety] – MP Store
Shoes ~ United Colors – “Perl” – MP Store
Necklace ~ Ersch  – Remedy Necklace (Black) black gem – MP Store
Nails ~ Astralia – Rock Nails (Bento) – MP Store

Hot Cargo 2048

Don’t forget to go check out Ersch’s store in world for all the other gachas that aren’t in events anymore :*

Head ~ Catwa “Catya” Bento Head – MP Store
Hands ~ Vista Bento Hands + DeeTaleZ European Applier – MP Store
Skin ~ DeeTaleZ – “Face Doutzen” European Applier for Catwa Head – MP Store
Body ~ Maitreya “Lara” v3.5
Eyes ~ IKON – Charm Eyes – Rustic – MP Store


[Bad Unicorn] ‘The Docks’ Backdrop @The Mens Dept (TMD) until March 31st 2017

Tous Les Enfants- BoWillow Good Cause Awareness Gacha+ Special Edition CKD- Bands

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BoWillow hat zur 100%tigen  Unterstützung des Kidney Corner (Informationsecke über Nierenerkrankungen) diese grünen Motto- Armbänder gemacht.


Der Erlös der Anstecker, auf denen verschiedene Organe im Kawaii- Stil abgebildet sind und der Rare Armbänder (s. Gacha Key), gehen zu 50% an Relay For Life (das ist die Signatur der Spendenerhebung der Amerikanischen Krebs Gesellschaft). Euer Glück am Gacha versuchen und gleichzeitig etwas Gutes tun könnt ihr beim Tous Les Enfants Event


Vielen Dank, archer candy bloodmoon von bowillow-logo-new


Space update special: the 7-exoplanet system

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On Wednesday, February 22nd, US space agency NASA, working with a team of European astronomers, confirmed no fewer than seven extra-solar planets are orbiting a star some 39 light years away – with three of them within the so-called “Goldilocks zone” of habitability. The star in question is TRAPPIST-1, named for the instruments used in […]

# Mili # – Special Edition: MIFF

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MadPea International Food Fair
Starting today, February 18th, MadPea’s International Food Fair promises the tastiest shopping, art and entertainment on the grid!
With 50% of proceeds from food-themed exclusive items and gachas from Second Life’s top designers going toward Feed a Smile to build a kitchen for impoverished school children in Kenya, this is a shopping trip you can feel GOOD about!

MadPea International Food Fair

50’s special

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Hairbase: Tableau Vivant \ Cinderella Catwa HB
Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Cinderella wig
Tiara: Tableau Vivant \ Cinderella tiara – Gold
Dress: Vinyl – Iha Dress Pak @ Rewind
Leg Sleeves: Vinyl – Maya Leg Sleeves Pak @ C88
Shoes: Essenz – Paris

Frontage Photowall Cafe  Dark:
Base Wall Black frame gray @ Tres Chic
Frontage (2 floor) Black @ Tres Chic
My Littel motto Yellow (Decor) @ Tres Chic

Chibisitting Valentines Special

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So we’re revisiting the chibisitting because it works with the theme and I was surprised how popular it was. XD This time I went a more teacher route than caretaker and had Cara and Hina help out. So much to cover in this one! Hina is throwing one of the animated toys Splack from Junk Food at Gacha Garden. Cara’s holding one of the RC Cluster buckets available at the Playroom Gacha, with one on the floor too. You can also find all the story time items, a collab from Consignment and RC Cluster, like my chair, floor mats, books, etc. at Collab88. They also have their past glowy stuff, on the wall here, available at the main store and upcoming Rewind event. Little Fox has a bunch of stuff coming out which is so adorbs for all ages. At the upcoming Ninety Nine they’ll have friendship bracelets to share with a friend, I wore a matching one with Hina. Then a whole slew of arts and crafts goods at Color Me Cute. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Outfit – NAM – Chibi Clothes
Avatar – NAM – Chibi Avatar Girl
Hair – NAM – Chibi Long Hair
Tail – Nadi Vemo – Jerboa Tail
Bracelet – . Little Fox . – Friendship Bracelet 1/2 (Ninety Nine)
Splack – Junk Food – Red Splack RARE (Gacha Garden)

Avatar – Zmoon – K-ONE _ MIO_ SAILOR
Valentine Bucket -RC Cluster- Love Card Collector Kitty (Playroom Gacha)

Outfit – [monso] – My Teacher Suit Blazer/Skirt/Scarf Black
Hair – [^.^Ayashi^.^] – Miya hair (Kinky)
Book -RC Cluster & Consignment – Storytime Book Time for Cake (Collab88)
Bracelet – . Little Fox . – Friendship Bracelet 2/2 (Ninety Nine)
Glasses – BareRose – Toy Shop Boy Glasses
Bra – BareRose – The Spider Bra (Discontinued)

. Little Fox . Chair Yellow/Teal (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Table Yellow/Teal (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Nose Crayon (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Crayons (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Drawing Paper (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Glitter Glue (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Glitter Drool (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Pink Scissors (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Blue Scissors (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Craft Paper (Color me Cute)
-RC- & Consignment – Storytime Chair (Collab88)
[Con.] & -RC- Storytime Carpet Red (Collab88)
[Con.] & -RC- Storytime Carpet Pink (Collab88)
-RC- & Consignment – Storytime Book – Time for Cake (Collab88)
-RC- & Consignment – Storytime Book – No TY, I’ll Stay Here (Collab88)
-RC- & Consignment – Storytime Book – Dew Goes Poo (Collab88)
-RC- Love Card Collector – Dino (Playroom Gacha)
-RC- Glow Cats (Rewind Gacha)
-RC- Glow Hearts (Rewind Gacha)
-RC- Glow Dino Set RARE (Rewind Gacha)
{L} Anime Room; Big Shelf UNCOMMON (Gacha)
CMYK// 1. you’re my destiny (Gacha)

Something really special is happening soon and i wanted to share…

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Something really special is happening soon and i wanted to share an important part of it today with you all! My mama decided to “birth” me so i am hers forever and ever. 😀 She is going through a pregnancy in SL through the amazing Alliance Family Healthcare maternity service. As the due date is getting close mama decided to set up a baby room for bebe me! *giggles* I want to take you on a little tour of the super cute and super mint baby room!


Furniture Muddpuddles | By: IsabellRaven Resident | Location: Mainstore // Marketplace

✦ MuddPuddles: Angelic Dreams Crib
✦ MuddPuddles: Spring Baby Mobile
✦ MuddPuddles: Chevron Changing Table
✦ MuddPuddles: Chevron Diaper Hanger
✦ MuddPuddles: Arie Rocking Chair
✦ MuddPuddles: Chevron Balloon Shade

All these items are by Muddpuddles and are so so cute and perfect for the baby room! I absolutely love how they are all in some form texture change so i could pick the pretty mint color! If pink is your thing, or light purple you can even choose those colors instead.

On the crib the color options are Blush, Cloud, Lavish, Mint, Peachy, Tan & Teal. The changing table & diaper hanger both include the colors Blush, Lavish, Mint, Skye & Teal. The rocking chair includes different patterns such as Clouds, Crown, Vintage, Daisy & more. Finally, the shade comes with the colors Blush, Lavish, Mint, Skye & Teal in 2 different styles per color (Solid & Patterned) as well as the color White & a chevron pattern.

The crib, changer & rocking chair all come with animations as well! They come with single animations as well as parent & bebe animations. It makes it so much fun for photos or RP time!


✦ MuddPuddles: Chevron Shelves
✦ MuddPuddles: Playpen Greyson
✦ MuddPuddles: Infant Swing Satin Dots
✦ MuddPuddles: Chevron Cloud Art

Next up we have the left side of the room where all the play things are! *giggles* We have the shelves for all the bebe blankets and little things that make the room even cuter. We have the playpen, or as some would call it the baby jail! xD Finally we have the swing, where mama can put me to sleep with a lullaby and a bottle or my favorite teddy ♥

All four items are texture change and come with a variety of colors to choose from! The shelves & cloud art come with the colors Blush, Lavish, Mint, Skye & Teal.
The playpen allows you to change the frame color to one of the following colors – Blush, Grey, Lavish, Mint, Skye & Teal. You can also change the pattern on the playpen. You get 6 options – Elephants, Floral, Giraffe, Pink Plaid, Starfish & Stars.
Finally the swing comes with the colors Blue, Mint, Pink, Purple & Teal!


✦ MuddPuddles: Chevron Changing Table
✦ MuddPuddles: Chevron Diaper Pail
✦ MuddPuddles: Chevron Dresser

Finally on the right side of the room right by the entrance is the dresser! This is where mama will store all the pretty dresses for bebe me! This of course will be full of pretty pastels and frills and lace. The best thing a girl could ask for!

This dresser makes the whole set complete in my opinion. It really makes the room feel perfect and i absolutely adore it. As with the items before it also comes with color changing options. Those are Blush, Lavish, Mint, Skye & Teal.


You can find all these super cute pieces of furniture at the Muddpuddles mainstore & on their marketplace! Be sure to check them out and if you ever find yourself needing a baby room, now you know where to check first! *giggles* {Mainstore} {Marketplace}


All other decor is listed below! If anything is missing feel free to ask ♥

+ Half-Deer + | By: Halogen Magic {Mainstore} {Marketplace}

✦ +Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star Standing (Green)
✦ +Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star Standing (Blue)
✦ +Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star Standing (Silver)
✦  +Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Bunny (White)
✦ +Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Moon (Silver)
✦ +Half-Deer+ Wood & Roses Letter (White) – B
✦ +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Lazy Day

*AR* | By: Anjelika Rexen {Mainstore} {Marketplace}

✦ *AR* – Princess Sign – Shabby Princess
✦ *AR* – Frame Crowned – Shabby Princess
✦ *AR* – Crown – Shabby Princess
✦ *AR* – Mannequin – Shabby Princess
✦ *AR* – Pegasus (TD) – Shabby Princess
✦ *AR* – Frame – Shabby Princess
✦ *AR* – Table Lamp – Shabby Princess White
✦ *AR* – Tablet – Shabby Princess
✦ *AR* – Jewelry box – Shabby Princess
✦ *AR* – Perfumes & Creams
✦ *AR* – Photo Album – Shabby Princess
✦ *AR* – Cloud shelves – Andares
✦ *AR* – Baby Shelf – Andares
✦ *AR* – Clouds – Andares
✦ *AR* – Star pouf – Andares

Bad Seed | By: Eeilee Resident {Mainstore}

✦ Bebe’s Bassinet – {Shabby} Mint

Buglets | By: Elli Kenin {Mainstore} {Marketplace}

✦ ~*Buglets*~ Sweet Dreams Sign (TPR Gift)
✦ ~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh’s Posters

NACH | By: Nancy Chatterbox {Mainstore}

✦ NACH Counting Sheep Canvas

. Tiptoes | By: iluvquiltygg Resident {Mainstore} {Marketplace}

✦ . tiptoes – Vintage Disney Poster – Little Mermaid RARE