“Hand” – post eight – Advert Spider

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(part five) Advert Spider

Flutter and the Spiderbot

     Flutter opened the door to a room finding an Advert Spider clinging to the outside of the apartment building.  When it saw her it began projecting an advertisement upon the designated wall inside the room.  “Oh hello spider” said Flutter in a familiar sort of way.  “Greetings Ms Flutter, may I say, with all due respect, that you are looking a bit tired today?”
     “I think, perhaps, you need a bit more “You” time Ms Flutter.  Are your children brimming with curiosity and asking endless questions?  You could always enroll them in Retelevise, a 16 week program which will imprint your child onto a device or media such television, social media or general media.  This will return the “You” time to your day so you may relax in a VR and drink a coffee.  And are those wrinkles around….”  Here Flutter interrupted the advert spider.  It was important not to let them get on too much of a roll.  You could make friends with them, in a limited sort of way, but today she was too excited and wanted to get home.  “Thank you spider, but you know very well that I have no children.  I don’t really even know what you are talking about”  The Advert Spider, long bereft of adults to advertise to, still attempted to fulfill its programming.  “My apologies Flutter, have a wonderful day and I will speak to you soon when I have even more exciting opportunities for you!” 
“By the way Ms Flutter,” Spiderbot continued “do you have spider points?! you can redeem them for….”  But Flutter had already left the room.

A Spiderbot projecting for Flutter

      A theme that regularly runs through my work over the last ten years or so has been the aware
machine.  A man made machine that recognizes and interacts with the humans around it.  Some are more advanced than others such as the Rabbicorn and Mr Zippers who could love or the Daughter of Gears who was the human mind of a young girl inside a machine.  Others like the Veralynnbot fulfill their programming yet still possess

an attachment to humanity.  The Spiderbots in this part of the story are Government sanctioned advertising robots that are permitted to walk apartment buildings and project advertising onto designated walls.  As it says on a plaque attached to their back “It is a serious offense to obstruct or disable the HomeAdvertiser”.  At this stage in their society advertising bombarded the population in most forms similar to how we are, yet they found that too many were not reading the passive advertising so it was permitted to allow a more “engaging” variety… the Spiderbot.
     Flutter knows and spends time with all the Spiderbots as well Veralynnbot and others.  Had she not been in a hurry to get home she might have chatted with the bot for a while in a limited way.  The Spiderbot can have a conversation but it must try to advertise within a certain amount of time.  It may even try to interact with the Veralynnbot or the sleepers in their pods.    The Spiderbots have been roaming the city since its collapse trying to promote the paid advertising of its obsolete society. 
     In this work, as with others of the past, advertising can be found in various spots of the story.  I

use advertising as a means to help define and elaborate on the society within my stories rather than spend time in the actual narrative describing it.  It helps fill in parts to the greater whole without having to unnaturally fit too much of that type of description into the text of the narrative.  The visitor to my story can shape a view of the society on their own.  An important thing for me when creating an artwork is to not simply force the viewer into a passive state where I tell them a story and they simply listen such as in most other mediums.  The viewer uses their own creativity and explores in any way they like as an active participant.  They interact with the work rather than are told what to think and the culture and society they come from often helps shape their interpretation.  Hand has had about 15,000 visitors so far, and all from different parts of the world.  What I have discovered with this story and many others is that someone from Japan, for example, sees different things in the narrative than someone from Germany, the middle east, Africa or a tiny hamlet in Sweden.  It is a shared experience which, in some cases, has the person beside you interpreting it in a very different way than you are.

Spider Queen • Halloween

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– Reina de las arañas –

Spider Queen Halloween Second Life Outfit

Hello everyone! How are you? Getting ready for Halloween?
This is a super sexy Halloween-themed-outfit made by Salt & Pepper for The Gacha Guardians event, called “Arachnophilia”. It’s available in 4 colors -brown, sand, white, rose and black (rare)-. I’m obviously wearing the white one. 

The common items (except the black ones that come in the complete rare set) are: choker, pasties, corset, panties and boots. You can also get medium-size spiders (or maybe I should call them small-size, compared to my baby on the pictures) as companions. 
The rares are the giant ridable spiders -that, btw, look and move amazingly-, among to the black set. The wearable spider legs are the Gift of the Guardians, and come with a color change HUD -black and white-, and the option to make them move or not (make them move, it’s beautifully disgusting).
¡Hola a todas! ¿Cómo están? ¿Se están preparando para Halloween?
Este es un conjunto para Hallowen súper sexy creado por Salt & Pepper para el evento The Gacha Guardians, llamado “Arachnophilia” (aracnofilia, en español). Viene en 4 colores -marrón, arena, blanco, rosa y negro (raro)-. Obviamente, yo llevo el blanco en las fotos.
Los ítems comunes (exceptuando los negros, que vienen todos juntos en un set rare) son: gargantilla, pasties (si alguien sabe cómo se llaman en español, me avisa… pero les voy a decir “cubrepezones” por el momento jajaja), corset, panties y botas. También pueden obtener arañas medianas (aunque pequeñas comparadas con mi bebé de las fotos), que caminan a tu lado como compañía. 
Los ítems raros son las arañas gigantes en las que te puedes montar y andar, que dicho sea de paso se ven y se mueven espléndidamente. Las patas de araña que se adhieren al avatar son el Gift of the Guardians (regalo de los guardianes), y vienen con un HUD para cambiar el color -blanco o negro- y la opción de hacer que se muevan o no (les aconsejo que lo hagan, se ven hermosamente asquerosas).
Spider Queen Halloween Second Life Outfit
Spider Queen Halloween Second Life Outfit
Spider Queen Halloween Second Life Outfit
♢ Outfit/Conjunto: Salt & Pepper – Arachnophilia white @ The Gacha Guardians 
♢ Head/Cabeza: Catwa – Jessica 
♢ Body/Cuerpo: Maitreya – Lara
♢ Skin/Piel: L’etre – Sugar
♢ Eyes/Ojos: IKON Sovereign Eyes – Glass
♢ Little pet (spider) / Pequeña mascota (araña): Salt & Pepper – Arachnophilia RARE ridable spider @ The Gacha Guardians 
♢ Eyeshadow/Sombra de ojos: Indulge Temptations! – 50 shades of Catwa Hunt
♢ Rings/Anillos: **RE** Dark Queen Rings
♢ Hair/Cabello: Clawtooh – Arwen 
♢ Tattoo:  [White~Widow] Charade – Legs – Black (Gacha)

I hope you enjoyed!
¡Espero que les haya gustado!

A Hipsy Gypsy Spider

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I closed my eyes to see,

for  truth lives down inside.

Then, silky threads of moments past

got dusty in this autumn´s dawn.


Ten Fé – Elodie

Style Info

One of the recurring themes from SL Designer´s this Samhain has, for sure, been the spider and this is not all they  have in common.

The usability of these gowns and dresses will last way past this particular Halloween. Just remove any or all of the spooky attachments and voilà, you are ready to go another mile.

Case in point, the gown above. This is a short strapless dress in a leathery texture that turns into a gown when we add the multi-layer red and black veiled skirt and long train. The skirt remains open in front, revealing your legs.  On the skirt and train we see a trail of beautiful golden crawling baby spiders. Surely they are coming home!

The gown includes an oversized spider bracelet, a spider pin with its legs wrapped around the bosom and a spectacular spider headpiece. In addition you get a layer of spooky make up –  (not featured) for the system Avi – that is perfect for the ensemble. The gown comes in several Mesh Body Sizes as well as standard ones.

Vero Modero – Immortal Gown + Jewelry. LUXE – Rings.  Lamb– Hair. KC – Boots. Mesh Head – Catwa. Maitreya Mesh Body.

Location: Disturbia

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Spider Web

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The SCALA Freakshow Carnivale opened today and Zibska has a bunch of themed and eccentric new releases for you! The ‘Galliard‘ corset/dress set includes colour HUD with 8 colours for the corset and the spheres. The corset comes in 5 standard sizes and black bottoms are also included in 6 fitted mesh sizes. Upper and lower spheres dress parts are resizeable and there is also a headpiece included (not shown below). Also, there is a guys version of this outfit too! The event runs until 13th Nov.

Spider Web

Zibska is also currently taking part in Shiny Shabby, where you’ll find this pretty necklace. Again, a colour HUD is included which allows for change of 3 sections independently from another.  

This incredibly creepy but fantastically stylish and seasonal headpiece is by Astralia and can be found at the current round of The Liaison Collaborative. It includes a colour HUD to allow change of the web between black, silver and gold, as well as offering 3 different gem colour options. It’s completely re-sizeable via a script. 

The skin applier I’m wearing today is by Glam Affair for Catwa mesh heads and is called ‘Mina’. This is a gacha at The Epiphany, which includes 12 commons in various skin tones and makeups, as well as 2 rares. This applier has been designed specifically for Catwa Bibi mesh head, so be sure to demo if you are looking to wear with another! Here is shown with Catwa Destiny. 

Headpiece: Astralia – Spider Web *TLC*
Necklace: Zibska – Zelai *Shiny Shabby*
Corset/Spheres Dress: Zibska – Galliard *SCALA Freakshow*
Shoes: Azoury – Mina High Heels *Shiny Shabby*
Wrist Straps: .::Cubic Cherry::. – {Aarya} wrist wrap black *MementoMori* 
Claws: CerberusXing [CX] – Ironclad Claws

Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Mina Arctic 1 (common) *TheEpiphany*
(shown on Catwa Destiny & Maitreya Lara)
Hair: Spellbound – Velvet

Pose: Roquai – 7 Creeps – Evil2 *New*

The pose is one from the new 7 Creeps collection by Roquai, released at Roquai mainstore. The pack includes 7 poses. There are 5 singles (2 with extra version) plus 1 couple pose (= 9 singles in total). The couple pose includes a dual pose ball set and also the separate animations to use solo if you prefer!
There is a discount of 35% until 30th October so hurry to grab these awesome seasonal artistic poses at reduced price!

The big spider and web background is the Astralia headpiece, attached and increased considerably in size!
The Landmarks:

Spider Queen

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Spider Queen

Today I bring you another Halloween look… but this time it is elegant perfect for Halloween themed ballroom parties.  This gorgeous outfit is from Vero Modero worn with new hairstyle from Monso~

Hair: [monso] My Hair – Crowe /Black&White at Uber *NEW*
Mesh Head: CATWA – Annie
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: amara beauty – Zoe Alabaster
Eyes: IKON – Triumph Eyes Loam
Lashes: CATWA – Annie
Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Glitter Make-Up *NEW*
Lipstick: CATWA – Annie
Freckles: Izzie’s – Glitter Freckles *NEW*
Outfit: [VM] VERO MODERO  – Immortal *NEW*
Shoes: Apple May Designs – Belle Boots *NEW*
Pose: oOo Studio – Contemplate *NEW* 
Location: AEG Halloween Costume Party
Music: Ryan Follese – One Thing Right (Em Kole Remix)


Spider Woman

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I remember Spider Woman from the first page of Leslie’s novel Ceremony. She is the thought woman who names things and so brings them into being. ― Gloria Steinem Halloween is getting closer and TWE12VE is continuing its “haunted” celebration. Exclusively from TRS Designs and available only at TWE12VE is the alluring “Spider Queen Gown.” Available in standard sizes, fitmesh and […]

Boudoir: Kiss of the Spider

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~ Vanessa Williams ~

Sooner or later
You’re certain to meet
In the bedroom, the parlor or even the street
There’s no place on earth
You’re likely to miss
Her kiss
Sooner or later
In sunlight or gloom
When the red candles flicker
She’ll walk in the room
And the curtains will shake and the fire will hiss
Here comes her kiss
And the moon grows dimmer
At the tide’s low ebb
And her black beads shimmer
And you’re aching to move
But you’re caught in the web
Of the Spider Woman
In her velvet cape
You can scream
But you cannot escape
Sooner or later your love will arrive
And she touches your heart
You’re alert and alive
But there’s only one pin
That can puncture such bliss
Her kiss
Sooner or later you bathe in success
And your minions salute
They say nothing but “YES”
But your power is empty
It fades like the mist
Once you’ve been kissed
And the moon grows dimmer
At the tide’s low ebb
And your breath comes faster
And you’re aching to move
But you’re caught in the web
Of the Spider Woman
In her velvet cape
You can run
You can scream
You can hide
But you cannot escape!

Wearing NEW From

Kiss Of The Spider

Gown contains: cobweb mesh dress for Maitreya Lara and Slink Physique Mesh Bodies,
lace flexi skirt (with resizer), mesh floral attachment (with resizer),
spiders nipple covers,stomach spider, appliers for decent cover in black and nude 
for both bodies and elegant shoes also for both mesh bodies! 

This dress is compatible with : 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 
Slink Physique Mesh Body

Boudoir InWorld  MarketPlace    OutLet      Blog    FlickrFan      FlickerVitabela     FlickrPrecious

♥ Head ~ Catwa
♥ Body ~ Maitreya Lara
♥ Skin ~ Chayenne Skin * Cotton Tone [Catwa appliers] ~ L’Etre Skin Shop
♥ Lips & Eye MakeUp ~ Party Night Makeup Collection ~ Studio Exposure
♥ Eye Liner ~ Eyeliner * CATWA Applier ~ teapi
♥ Beauty Marks ~ Customizable Beauty Marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {why}
♥ Neck Mole ~ Mesh Beauty Mole ~ DeeTaleZ
♥ Eyes ~ Charm Eyes * Wright [mesh] ~ Ikon
♥ Hairbase ~ Baby Hair Hairbase [Catwa] ~ L’Etre    
♥ Hair ~ Flapper ~  Rezology Mesh Hair 
Hat ~ Spider Top Hat ~ Death Row Designs
Pose ~ Interior Design ~ Del May
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo

Have a goodnight and dream sweet!
Mucho love,
Lori Novo

Spider Girl

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Well, there’s a lesson learned here, If you crawl on the ground in a dusty, scary place spiders will lurk. And if you stay still long enough they will crawl upon you, first onto your hands, up your arms, onto your head, and, once they are on your head they will burrow into your skull and eat your brains for their breakfast! So, you heard it here first, you have been warned!

Just sayin…..

My Spidery outfit today is from (BYRNE) boutique. It is the prize in the Moolto Madness Hunt which runs until 15th November. The outfit includes Jacket and pants, plus these spidery adornments on the hands and head, there is also one on the front of the jacket too (not shown). Spider Girl comes in all the usual standard sizes plus and alpha if you need.

My pose is from the Something New Halloween Store and is called Succubus. If you haven’t been yet you really must visit Something Halloween, It has all the props and poses you could ever need for Halloween set out for you to try and buy. Ally and Jake have done a wonderful job setting it all up.

Outfit – (BYRNE) Boutique – SpiderGirl Outfit- Black for the Moolto Madness Hunt 15th October – 15th November

Pose – SN Something NewSN Something New – Succubus for Something Halloween

Hair – .Shi Hair – Binah Black for Uber

My Body & Bits….
Head – CATWA Tumble V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with hands & feet)
Shape – readmeri Apples (slightly modified)

Pictures taken on location at Arranmore

# Lex # 1750 Do you have Spider phobia?

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# Lex # 1750  Do you have Spider phobia?

Hair: Doe: Hizgi by helyanwe vindaloo @ The Seasons Story 
Head: LAQ ~ Mesh head Trinity 1.5 by mallory cowen
Eyes: IKON  Hope Eyes – Rustic by ikon innovia
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by onyx leshelle
Head applier: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – JUDY by by izara.zuta 
Sweater: Entice – Say My Name Sweater Dress by enticestore
Panties: Entice – Say My Name Pantyhose – Omega by enticestore
Pose: Image Essentials IE – Pose Lover  Burn it with Fire by kay.weston Pose Lover

# Lex # 1750  Do you have Spider phobia?