The Cat Who Saw All Sides

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Hey my loves!
Interesting title huh? Well let me tell you about it. I won this AMAZING prize from a gacha (to be explained later) and all of a sudden my mind started racing like HEY! IMAGINE IF I OWNED A CAT THAT COULD SEE THE PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE. I mean think about it you would be cuddling the sweetest cutest cuddliest all knowing love of all time and you wouldn't really know cause all he would do is meow at you. Plus I mean if it had as many eyes as the cat I got a hold of in SL I would constantly be reminding him how cute and special he is. 
I know most of my posts have been….lacking words but I'm trying it out seeing how I feel about it sooo keep reading for more pictures and credits mkay? Lub Yew Forebers

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