The Gates of Melancholy

The past week I spent quite some time in The Gates of Melancholy,  because it is a gorgeous photogenic location. I took lots of pictures there, but those did not really feature the sim – I used it as backdrop..and to make up for that rudeness I went back and took photo’s for a blogpost. This place really deserves the attention and visits!


Based on the life and work of visual artist/painter Andrew Wyeth, this is THE place for enjoying ambiance, wonderful views and tranquility. I admit I wasn’t familiar with this painter (oops, shame on me?) but after some research I have to say: yeah, The Gates of Melancholy do reflect his works.
The Gates of Melancholy - II

I am sure you will enjoy visiting this place as much as I did!

The Gates of Melancholy - III
The Gates of Melancholy - I

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