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~ Halsey ~
“I am deep and not that easy.
When it comes to love on one on one.
I have many layers to peel, many levels, many hurdles to overcome.
Hiding in a cloak of an innocent smile.
I am not that gullible as it seems 
Be forewarned for those who wants to endure.

Wanted: a lover and a warrior.
Ready to fight win and conquer
If you are half baked you won’t survive.
If mind is chaotic and not laser focused.
A fickle heart, unfaithful, weak to temptation, 
Is not what I wanted, not needed.

If you failed the challenge, un-capable to win.
You are free to leave like the wind.
I won’t chase you, I won’t bother you.
You came, you saw, you gave up.
The shelves are too high and marked top priced.
I wish you best of luck.
To find a perfect match.
A lot lose, lower, cheaper perhaps? 

But don’t get it twisted and don’t get it mixed. 
If you don’t really know for sure.
Just because I said I love you. doesn’t mean I’m in love with you. 
For there is that love I give for any one whose non-selfish.
It is universally sweet, platonic warm friendship.

But the winner takes all, who endures to the end.
True love promised, desired and eternal.
For a soulmate, twin flame, the great lover who never gives up.
No space between the two and knows no time.
Heart beats in symphony, they vibrates and in synced in perfect unison” 
― Nikki Firefly

The Makeover Room is a monthly skin & makeup event featuring exclusive items at discounted prices from designers all over the grid. The event runs from the 1st – 26th of each month. Blog / Flickr

Wearing from this round
Exclusive For TMR / Catwa Mesh Head Applier / Contains 3 Lashes

by !IT!
Exclusive For TMR / Catwa Applier Only / 7 Sets  Available (5 colors per set)


♥ Skin ~ Freedom Skin [Cotton Tone] ~ L’Etre Skin Shop
♥ Hair ~ Ethereal ~ Shi.
Collar ~ Isis * Brown ~ sYs
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