The Pillars – by Oberon Onmura

By Caitlin Tobias – Cait’s World. Visit The Pillars – by Oberon Onmura for original post.

Though my Flickr stream may give the impression I am always clubbing or shopping, this is not quite true. Most of my inworld time I spend either helping members of the SL Blogger Support Group and exploring and enjoying new locations and art installations.

The past weeks I’v been taking things easy, due to the heatwave and also because I’ve learned – after so many years in SL and blogging – I do not need to blog on a daily basis and most certainly not when I do not feel like it!

The Pillars - III

A few nights ago I visited “The Pillars”, an art installation on Split Screen by Oberon Onmura. And while it may look simple at a first glance, this is really something worth visiting. To play with shadows and perhaps even to contemplate – as 4 of the bots who live there do.

The Pillars - II

This work is an installation which embodies terraforming, complex scripted objects, and bots. A “forest” of vertical mounds is inhabited by four avatars, each enclosed in a unique soundscape and constrained to a single animation. A plain white chair beside each avatar invites the viewer to sit and contemplate each small scene.  ~ Oberon Onmura

The Pillars - I
Go see it, it will run till October, so plenty of time to enjoy and…contemplate!