.The Silence of The Drones (We Look Like Giants)…

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“Look at the clock
Keep watching ’til it stops
Time is still
Nothing here is real…”


We look like giants;
to our kids.
Our footsteps
rusted in stone
pronounce wrongly our old name;
No matter of the matters,
If you do it all
there will be nothing;
By doing something
Not meaningfull at all
– you change the history of
your bloodstream.

I am scared, broken,
will you love me for forever?


Are you lonely, do you need peace, does your mind rests, do you use white acrylic paint?
I need more sparkles in life – as a result you get a mindless, sad post-apocalyptic photos of me wearing weardness of my mind.
Basically, as you know… I does not describing much of the items, will let the image speaks itself…
And yay… most exciting thing happend in SL was Black Friday which left me completelly broke – I am worried for my existance. BUT I finally got new mine and ONLY mine skin applier from DeTaleZ I wanted for ages, same for new clothes I needed to mix-match with items I already have/will got from dear people who occasionally gives me items, haha.
In any case… Holidays is coming, new event from PaleGirls production is preparing and now I will let you enjoy the On9 goodies.

Dust & sparkles (and glittery messes),