To dessert or not to dessert…

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*PINK HUSTLER hair* Pastel @CosmeticFair 
{S0NG} :: Fray // Snow Eye @CosmeticFair
RO – Harvest Fair – Sweettooth Paws Container – RARE @TheArcade 
Suicide Gurls – Izumi Lipstick (Pink Worn) @CosmeticFair
{T’Ink} Sweet Tooth (Leg Tattoo) @CosmeticFair
{T’Ink} Psycho Bunneh  (Arm Tattoo) @anyBody 
*MUKA* Sara @WhoreCoutureFair6 
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. harajuku facial stickers (Mesh!) @CosmeticFair
#187# Angel Pearl Septum Black @Fluffy&Fierce 
[Nekotron] Fluffy Bunny Princess (Bunny Ears and tail worn) @Fluffy&Fierce
AsteroidBox. Fruity Collars // Cherry @Fluffy&Fierce
Violetility – Polar Bearpack @Fluffy&Fierce
RO – Harvest Fair – Dinner Fork @TheArcade
Ariskea[La Patisserie] Cupcake Build RARE @TheArcade
Ariskea[La Patisserie] Shelving @TheArcade
Ariskea[La Patisserie] Cupcake Seat @TheArcade
{L} Tea Time; Cookie Tin @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Empty 3 Tier Tray RARE @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Delux Waffle RARE @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Empty Place Setting UNCOMMON @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Strawberry Love Cake RARE @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Strawberry shortcake RARE @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Full Plate UNCOMMON @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Small Cake Slice Plate UNCOMMON @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Table ULTRARARE @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Small Sandwich Plate UNCOMMON @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Black Tea @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Heart Cookies @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; Sugar Cubes @Fluffy&Fierce
{L} Tea Time; 3 Tier Platter ULTRARARE @Fluffy&Fierce