Vista Animations Female Bento Hands Preview!Are you guys ready…

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Vista Animations Female Bento Hands Preview!

Are you guys ready for the most realistic hands created in SL? I couldn’t get my eyes off how amazing the new hands from Vista Animations look! So many animation options and poses,and other famous pose makers are already creating super cute animations for them!

I show you so many pictures to let you guys see how they move as much as I could 🙂 You can pick what animation you want your hands to have through the HUD but still the hands change realistically from one pose to another and it feels like you can even see the bones yourselves haha! I really am in love and I’m so happy some creators have the Omega option for nail appliers and more so that we are able to use them on the Bento hands too(even though the HUD itself offers many many options)!

You need Bento viewer to be able to see those hands and their animations! Bento is still in Beta test but hopefully soon we will get it’s release for everyone! 😀 Don’t waste any more time and go test the hands yourselves,you will be surprised with what you actually are able to do with them,haha! 

Don’t forget to click on the pictures for a better view of the animations! 😉

Here’s a preview of the HUD for you guys 🙂 :

And here’s your taxi to the Vista Animations mainstore,or Marketplace link! (MP Purchase Link &  Demo!) 

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