Wear a smile on my face, but there’s a demon inside

Is there so much God damned weight on your shoulders
That you can’t just live your motherfucking life
The story’s getting old and my heart is getting colder
I just wanna be Jekyll, but I’m always fighting Hyde
Beard:YUTH:– Brock Beard “Blacks” Mens@YUTH:
Hair:{ Speakaesy }–  Gabriel Hair@Mainstore
Bracelet:.Reckless.Kensington Braclet Bar *Silver*@Mens Only Monthly
Coat:PEQE – Viking (M)@PEQE
Tattoo:.Reckless.–   Jett (Fresh) @Whimsical (May)
Nose: AITUI –  Bull Horn Septum Piercing – Rodeo @AITUI
Ears: AITUI – Elven Ear: Traveller Plugs – Eagle’s Skull  @AITUI
Throne: DRD – Iron throne  @We <3 RP

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