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A place where nobody dared to goThe love that we came to knowThey call it XanaduAnd now, open your eyes and see what we have made is realWe are in XanaduA million lights are dancing and you are, a shooting starAn everlasting world and you’re here with me, eternallyXanadu, XanaduNow we are here, in XanaduXanadu, XanaduNow we are here, in XanaduXanadu, your neon lights will shine for you, Xanadu
I had sooooo much fun making this blog post. I have given away my age for sure this time but I do not care. I love the movie Xanadu, I was singing the whole time I set up this image. This round ofGenremade me extremely happy!! And it all started withVengeful Threads!!!! I love you <3!! This post features Vengeful Threads and many of the other creators involved in the Genre event.
Ok now that the I have had my moment on to the details!!
Vengeful Threadshas done the most amazingly cute bodysuit for this round ofGenre! Can you guess the theme? You got it Disco!! The bodysuit called Flash is available as an omega applier, you know what that means ladies!! You can wear it with any body! There are multiple color options. However, I am wearing the green and pink! And it is available at a discount price for the event so make sure you get there and get your hands on it!
On to more awesome details for this round of

All of this is available for this round of Disco Genre.

The chairs, tables and ceiling records are fromCirca
The disco ball is fromAnachron
The pose is Disco Diva and from*Eternal Dream*Pack 1 Pose 1
Other image details
My Body is from Maitreya
My skates areAddamsMagenta Rollerskates. This is a Gacha items but you can still find them on marketplace and Gacha yardsales.
My makeup is from~Shiny Stuffs~and is the CATWA That 70s Face Applier